I Like Thursday

On Thursday a group of bloggers link with LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color to share lists of things that fill them with gratitude or bring them joy. It’s always fun to read what others are sharing. my post is late because it was quilting day at my Guild. It was an interesting day becauseContinue reading “I Like Thursday”

Last Week in Review

My Weekly Goals – To Do Tuesday #47 Chris at Chris Knits has stepped in To-Do the weekly linky party. Have you had a chance to go see what everyone is working on? Last week’s list: 1. Finish the Eagle Quilt. Quilting is finished. It’s squared up and ready for binding. Finished size is 100”Continue reading “Last Week in Review”

Friday the 13th Fun!

Started my day seeing this; So far DH has cleared off the carport twice! We’ve had 14 inches since 2:00 this morning and it’s still coming down. Winter has arrived in full force. Update: DH did it 2 more times; I’ve done it once! Winter is here! ❄️⛄️❄️ My morning is being spent getting caughtContinue reading “Friday the 13th Fun!”

To-Do Tuesday #17

Here it is the start of a new week. They seem to go by very quickly these days. My list last week: 1. Send Charlotte and Ruby their chairs. In the mail. 2. Work on the Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop Project. Almost finished including the squirrel projects! 3. Finish the DaysContinue reading “To-Do Tuesday #17”

June OMG

I thought my list last month was doable. I did make some progress. 1. Finish Vortex to flimsy stage. Done! 2. Quilt and binding my Spring Into Summer quilt. It’s basted now and ready to start the quilting. Quilting is done except for the last border. 3. Finish my blog post and get photos forContinue reading “June OMG”

May OMG progress

It’s been an interesting month with some progress on my list. 1. Finish Vortex to flimsy stage. Done! 2. Quilt and binding my Spring Into Summer quilt. It’s basted now and ready to start the quilting. Quilting is half done! 3. Finish my blog post and get photos for my Creating a Quilted Legacy BlogContinue reading “May OMG progress”

May 24 -30 To Do List

Let’s start with last week’s list: 1. Draft pattern for the bean bag chairs. Pull fabric and get it cut. Fabric Pulled and Cut. 2. Finish quilting Trinkets. My quilting machine has died, so this will be put on hold until it goes to the doctor to see if it can be fixed. Funny noises andContinue reading “May 24 -30 To Do List”

April 26 – May 2 Goals

Last week I was late posting my list and forgot the week before. I was really having trouble with keeping track of days or time. 1. Finish Vortex to flimsy stage. 2. Get the binding on Robbie Robotics. 3. Start quilting either of the two sandwiched quilts. Started 4. Start cutting and assembling my projectContinue reading “April 26 – May 2 Goals”

FALQ2 Finishes

2020 FAL Q2 Finishes So onward and upward to my Q2 List: Assemble the top with the pieced blocks from the Vortex pattern by Wilmington Prints. Finished Finish quilting and get the binding on Robbie Robotix.  Finished Try and get two more quilts done from my To Be Quilted Pile. Spring Into Summer is quiltedContinue reading “FALQ2 Finishes”

To Do Tuesday

Another week starting with more snow! I just keep reminding myself spring is coming! I realized that with the onset of Covid Brain, I hadn’t written many/any posts or managed to concentrate on anything so I decided to spend some time talking with old friends, reading (don’t ask me what I read. I deleted theContinue reading “To Do Tuesday”

March 22-28 Progress Report

It’s been a week! The emotions are erratic and I have been unsettled and disorganized. I’m sure you all can identify with these feelings. I’m telling myself it is a form of cabin fever. My list for my hoped for progress is: 1. Finish the binding on Star Crossed Plaid. On the last side. 2.Continue reading “March 22-28 Progress Report”

March 15-21 Progress Report

It’s been quite a week of fabric fun. I’ve decided that keeping busy while DH shifts back and forth between Canadian news and American news for 6 – 10 hours a day will make me crazy if I don’t find ways to tune it out. My first finish was piecing the flimsy for my projectContinue reading “March 15-21 Progress Report”

March 8 – 14 Progress Report and Goals

All in all I can say this week was a bit of a washout for me as far as my weekly goals getting accomplished. No finishes to report, but some progress was made. I did get some progress on my Star Crossed Plaid Quilt. It should be ready for binding mid week. I only gotContinue reading “March 8 – 14 Progress Report and Goals”

March OMG

My list for February had been a short one due to the number of days in the month and having 2 cataract surgeries scheduled. 1. Start working on a design for a tshirt quilt for my DH. I managed to get the shirts sorted, cut and ready for pressing and stabilizing. 2. I have aContinue reading “March OMG”

To Do Tuesday #2

My list from last week was fairly short: 1. Finish quilting and bind Star Crossed Plaid. 2. Keep working on the scrappy Leader/Ender Project. 3. Finalize layout for my Vortex Quilt blocks and get the flimsy put together. 4. Work on the design for the memory quilt. 5. Keep knitting those socks. I did makeContinue reading “To Do Tuesday #2”