June OMG

I thought my list last month was doable. I did make some progress.

1. Finish Vortex to flimsy stage. Done!

2. Quilt and binding my Spring Into Summer quilt. It’s basted now and ready to start the quilting. Quilting is done except for the last border.

3. Finish my blog post and get photos for my Creating a Quilted Legacy Blog Hop Project. Done! Read about it Here

4. Finish my blog post and get photos for my It’s Cool to Be Square Blog Hop project. Done! See the post Here.

5. Organize and package up my quilts for the Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge. My chosen charity is Victoria’s Quilts since I am in Canada and cross border shipping is difficult now and costly. Sent and received!

6. Start on another secret sewing project for a new hop if I can find fabrics to do what I have in mind. Shopping on line just isn’t as easy as shopping in a real shop! Sample of my design is done. Just need to finish the project and write the post for Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop.

Doesn’t seem to be what I need for my next hop project; I need to shop!

7. Get another UFO out of the trunk and get after making some progress. No progress here

8. Keep working on my leader ender project.  No progress here.

9. Keep knitting socks. 1 out of 11 finished. 2nd of 11 are on the needles

With all that is going on in the world I am hoping to keep going with a new list this month.

1. Finish my Spring Into Summer quilt. Quilting is done except for the last border.

2. Finish my project for the Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop and write my post.

3. Sew the two bean bag chairs that are cut out that my son asked me to make for his two daughters after I find my zippers. 😉

4. Start another quilt from the To Be Quilted pile.

5. Reorganize my sewing space to find room for my new Accuquilt dies.

6. Keep working on my leader ender project Star Kissed Quilt Along by Wedding Dress Blue

7. More socks to be knit. Second pair is on the needles.

8. Finish my rag rug.

What are you working on this month? I’m linking with Elm Street Quilts OMG so do stop by there to see what everyone else is doing.


Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

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