Weekly Goals and To-Do Tuesday #79

I’ll be linking up with To-Do Tuesday which is now hosted by Texas Quilt Gal! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else is working on or have finished. This was a busy week which interfered with my machine time. My Guild had our annual fundraiser (postponed since the Pandemic started) so I was busyContinue reading “Weekly Goals and To-Do Tuesday #79”

March 8 – 14 Progress Report and Goals

All in all I can say this week was a bit of a washout for me as far as my weekly goals getting accomplished. No finishes to report, but some progress was made. I did get some progress on my Star Crossed Plaid Quilt. It should be ready for binding mid week. I only gotContinue reading “March 8 – 14 Progress Report and Goals”

Another Flimsy finished

I can’t believe I managed to finish one of the pattern tests I’m doing! It’s been a busy week for me. I was teaching at the Guild on Saturday. Then Tuesday my students needed an extra day of help. They are all at different stages in their quilts so I was busy with instructions forContinue reading “Another Flimsy finished”

The End of A Year and the Start of a New!

What a year it has been! I do hope you all have had a year full of fun, adventures and much creativity! I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you have a busy, prosperous and productive 2020. I’ve been reading posts where the bloggers are talking about the endContinue reading “The End of A Year and the Start of a New!”

OMG June Finishes

Now that the end of the month is fast approaching, I am so pleased to say I met all of my goals! WooHoo! The secret sewing I was working on is finished and pictures of the flimsy have been submitted. I can hardly wait for October to be able to share after the pattern isContinue reading “OMG June Finishes”

Finished It Friday

OMG! All I can say is I can’t believe they are finished! The last stitch went in to the binding this morning and all three quilts were washed ready to be put on display in the clubhouse. The first is “Fore”, a queen sized quilt that was made from a pattern called Night Eyes byContinue reading “Finished It Friday”

Another Few Days of Stitching Fun

I have been too busy since last week to actually sit down and write a post! Last week saw us in two different cities seeing different doctors on different days. DH is doing good and I get to try 8 weeks of physio before the surgeon will do the surgery on my shoulder. Works outContinue reading “Another Few Days of Stitching Fun”

June OMG

As usual, I didn’t quite make my full list of goals for May. My shoulder was just too uncomfortable to manage any extended periods of time free motion quilting on my domestic machine. Add to that a slight run in between my finger and a moving bobbin shuttle! 🥵 The end result just means IContinue reading “June OMG”

I Was Featured!

While I was getting caught up on emails this morning, I found an email I hadn’t opened yesterday. I was really enjoying reading about Jennifer’s jaunt to Spring Market and getting caught up in all her adventures, meeting people, seeing treasures and staying in sweet spots. Then at the bottom of her post I sawContinue reading “I Was Featured!”

Sweet Sunday Sewing, Or Not?

This morning I got up bright and early hoping to see sunshine or the possibility of blue skies to be able to take pictures of some almost finished or finished projects. It was not to be as the grey skies and many grey clouds showed that today would likely be another wet one. I’m notContinue reading “Sweet Sunday Sewing, Or Not?”

Secret Sewing and Sandwiches

I managed to sandwich my two other fundraising quilts for the golf course. In between getting that done and waiting for my basting spray to dry, I was working with some of the almost 300 hst’s I made yesterday for the secret sewing I am doing. Can you see all of the bonus hst’s IContinue reading “Secret Sewing and Sandwiches”

May OMG Finish

So here it is: the first of my three quilts for the golf course fundraiser. It was too much fun to just walk out my front door and take a picture of the quilt on one of the Course picnic tables. I had no way to hang the quilt so I thought this would workContinue reading “May OMG Finish”

A Mother’s Day Finish

Happy Mother’s Day to you all; be you mother, father, grandmother, aunt, son, daughter or person who has shared special time with a child. The days of the stereotype are fading but to me Mothers Day has always been a day where I try to let my children and grandchildren know how much I loveContinue reading “A Mother’s Day Finish”


I can hardly believe that it is May already! I’m also wondering how everyone else did with their OMG. I had planned on getting all 3 quilts done for the fundraiser for the golf course. I did not get even one finished! This is the first of the three and is a completed flimsy. IContinue reading “May OMG”