2019 UFO List

I’ve been doing a bit of sewing and piecing to get used to my new machine.  I’m more and more impressed with it.  In between bits of sewing I have unpacked every box from my sewing room.  Some of them had to be repackaged and put in the storage room due to my space limitations.Continue reading “2019 UFO List”

I’m Done!

Finished the last of the dump runs yesterday.  The move was completed October 31st, just on time.  I. Wasn’t sure I’d get it done but I did.  From 3500 sq t home with a 30′ X 80′ shop to  500 sq ft apartment!  My studio space is about 6′ X 3′ now!  Oh well it’sContinue reading “I’m Done!”

2018 Q3 Finish Along

I am linking up with Leanne at She Can Quilt for the Q3  Finish Along; being very optimistic that the move will be done this weekend after I teach my group at the Guild on Saturday.  I’m being optimistic because I have reached the point where I NEED time with fabric and machines! My listContinue reading “2018 Q3 Finish Along”

Happy Happy Day

Seams to be Sewn. Moving day is October 15th for the move to our temporary home.  Happy Birthday to me! I will be getting the keys next week and have already measured and sorted what goes where.  I was a bit concerned that the light might not be adequate but today something wonderful happened!  IContinue reading “Happy Happy Day”

Funny how things change!

Yesterday was DH’s regular weekly doctor’s appointment in Nelson, BC.  Stopped to get the groceries on my list and new SIM cards for our phones.  Then I had to haul butt to the Golf course.  We met Pat and signed a rental agreement.  So it is now decided.  After living in a 3700 square footContinue reading “Funny how things change!”

Lonestar Update

This quilt is the Lonestar which has so much history attached to it.  It was picked apart when a grandson spilt his grape juice on it.  Then my machine crashed.  Then I had to modify my design several times because I just didn’t’ have enough of the fabric to redo the original which was aContinue reading “Lonestar Update”

Another Sewing Adventure

Some days I wonder how I get talked in to things!  I just got home from our local Elementary School where I had a meeting with some teachers, advisors and a good friend who is a grandmother to one of the students.  Turns out I am elected/volunteering to spearhead a group of students making costumesContinue reading “Another Sewing Adventure”

2018 Finish Along Q2 Monthly Goals

I have been seeing all of the lists of everyone else’s projects and have decided that this might be a good tool to help me get organized enough to finish some of my WIPs. So here goes my list: Homecoming, a custom variation of a Lonestar Quilt. Road to Arkansas, my variation -need to finishContinue reading “2018 Finish Along Q2 Monthly Goals”

Continued progress on Lonestar

Well I’m happy to say that this treasure is finally progressing along.  I had issues with machines breaking down and needing to go to Allan for some much needed repairs and a service while he had possession of them.  Can you believe all 3 machines went down one after the other or at the sameContinue reading “Continued progress on Lonestar”