February OMG Finishes

My goals for February were:

1. To start working on a design for a Memory Quilt.

2. To keep working on my leader/ender project.

3. To keep working on getting some quilt tops sandwiched, quilted and bound.

4. Cope with having surgeries on both eyes to remove cataracts and implant lenses.

So to date I have some accomplishments and progress to report!

1. The tshirts have all been deconstructed and trimmed to size. The layout design is in progress. I knew I wouldn’t finish since my first surgery was the 3rd and the second was February 26. Having good distance sight in one eye, but needing a reading lense for the left while the right was off colour, yellow grey and fuzzy made detail work difficult. I’m happy with the progress this far.

The mountain of shirt pieces on the ironing board ready for pressing and trimming!

2. The leader ender project is progressing. Those sweet little four patches have progressed to the following stage;

Sashing strips are made and trimmed to fit. 💃 doing the happy dance!

3. Star Crossed Plaid is three quarters quilted. Some how I have managed to misplace my ruler foot (either here or at he Guild) so had to order another one. It should be here on Saturday so this project can be completed and mailed.

3/4 done now!

As for the eye surgeries I am amazed every day at colour. White is white not a muddy, yellow grey colour. Fabric is even more of a joy to fondle, sort and enjoy all of the hues of every different colour! As of today I had my glasses taken away (I’ve worn them since I was six years old) and have to alternate between remembering to put on sunglasses to go outside, and putting on reading glasses to check emails. I’m not allowed to sew for a couple of days (DH is being overprotective about the lint coming of my fabric) or lift or bend over or sneeze so I will must do some knitting.

I did have two finishes this month both of them for Project Quilting challenges.

A collapsible tool pouch for a friend.
A new pillow cover to match one of my To Be Quilted flimsies instead of my normal pillow slips!

And I did start a pair of socks!

How has your very short month gone? Did you meet your goals?

Thanks for stopping by to read my posts. 😎 Carol

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Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

12 thoughts on “February OMG Finishes

  1. Yay for progress!! I don’t really set monthly goals…I probably should, but I let the challenges do that for me. I do have 2 other quilts cut out – one is a mystery so I need to get to sewing the first clue together and I am working on a OBW that has all the pieces cut and about 1/3 of them sewn. Goal is to just make progress. I get to go in on April 1 for a cataract check (how can that be a 2 hour appointment?) then I’ll need to find a different doctor to figure out my new glasses prescription. I hope I don’t need cataract surgery yet!

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    1. Wow. 2 cut out? Just making progress is all I’m aiming for as well. Your cataract check is 2 hours? That likely means they are doing the 3D x ray test and the ocular pressure one. If you do need to schedule your cataract surgery it’s good. Just don’t get new glasses before because your prescription will change. They took my glasses away because I don’t need my bifocal anymore. I just have a cheap pair of sunglasses for now and a pair of reading glasses from the dollar store! My last glasses were over $600 so m doing a real happy dance. On April 5th (I think) I go for my eye exam and will be given any prescription info I need. I’ll get a good pair of sunglasses then. Good luck with your exam 😎 Carol

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      1. How long before you were able to drive? I’m the only driver here, so unless I can drive myself home, that will present a challenge. I can get groceries in before, but I do need get someone to drive me to and from the surgery. My friend here that can do that is having her hip replaced in March (I’m her driver), so I’ll have to wait until she can drive, IF I need surgery now. It’s been 3 years and I can tell I need a change in my prescription for close work.

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      2. You have to have a driver when you leave surgery. I was driving 3 days after the first surgery. I’m sure I’ll be okay Friday to drive. It’s a quick recovery. But you do have some depth perception issues until your vision stabilizes when you only have one eye done. It’s faster recovery after the second eye is done.


  2. You certainly set a lot of goals for the shortest month! Well done in making progress on them. I hope your eyes are completely healed soon; take advantage of the enforced rest!

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