Here it is; the end of the second quarter Finish Along for 2019! I had 3 goals for this quarter with the first being make three quilts for the Golf Club Fundraiser. I’m very pleased to say that all three are finished and are already at the Clubhouse with ticket sales humming along. I haveContinue reading “Q2 FAL”

Finished It Friday

OMG! All I can say is I can’t believe they are finished! The last stitch went in to the binding this morning and all three quilts were washed ready to be put on display in the clubhouse. The first is “Fore”, a queen sized quilt that was made from a pattern called Night Eyes byContinue reading “Finished It Friday”

Another Few Days of Stitching Fun

I have been too busy since last week to actually sit down and write a post! Last week saw us in two different cities seeing different doctors on different days. DH is doing good and I get to try 8 weeks of physio before the surgeon will do the surgery on my shoulder. Works outContinue reading “Another Few Days of Stitching Fun”

April OMG

April is going to be a busy month with our annual fundraiser at the Guild and getting ready to head to Vancouver for DH’s 12 week treatment. I’m keeping my goals simple because of the schedule. First up: This pile of fabric goodness will be a finished quilt by month’s end; one of 3 forContinue reading “April OMG”

Springtime Fun!

It’s time to update you all since I missed posting for National Quilting Day and St. Patrick’s Day! Hopefully your days were both great and you got to play with fabric and drink green beer 🥴! The weather has improved greatly here with beautiful blue skies and temperatures of 12 degrees today. Unfortunately it alsoContinue reading “Springtime Fun!”

Quilt Qwazy Queens

I had planned a project for this Hop and then, guess what? Life happened and that squirrel paid me a visit in the form of one of my young neighbours………….. She is such a sweet young (very young) lady. We were talking about sewing and quilting and it turns out this young lady is interestedContinue reading “Quilt Qwazy Queens”

February Block Count, UFO’s and Finishes

It was not a great month for sewing with so many doctor’s appointments and tests for DH and myself both. I was also trying to unpack, sort and set up our cute little apartment. I did become obsessed with checking emails and Facebook for pictures and updates on Ryan’s expected little one. It was alsoContinue reading “February Block Count, UFO’s and Finishes”

Hope Springs Eternal

I saw that Kim at Persimmon Dreams had a quick Hop going on and decided that I would jump in with a couple of quick projects. I finished up my projects but forgot to account for the different time zones when trying to link up this morning! Good thing I had fun anyhow! With theContinue reading “Hope Springs Eternal”

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

Is a mystery no longer! Bonnie released the instructions on putting the quilt together and OMG……..it’s a beauty! I have been busy since we got back from our vacation (I will write about that later) getting the last blocks pieced and then starting to put it all together. I had managed to get some ofContinue reading “Good Fortune Mystery Quilt”

Good Fortune Part 7

Today was catch up day with Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery QAL. With having been away in America for almost 2 weeks I had gotten behind. Parts 5, 6 and 7 were on the To Do List for today. Woo Hoo! I got the piecing done today. Just have to press and trim the blocksContinue reading “Good Fortune Part 7”

Good Fortune Mystery QAL

How sweet is it when you get to spend the whole day sewing?  Life can’t get better than that! The day started with chatting with my son in Saudi Arabia.  He was telling my that Flynn, my youngest grandson loves his quilt.  I made it with some beautiful flannels that a good friend, Claire hadContinue reading “Good Fortune Mystery QAL”

2019 UFO List

I’ve been doing a bit of sewing and piecing to get used to my new machine.  I’m more and more impressed with it.  In between bits of sewing I have unpacked every box from my sewing room.  Some of them had to be repackaged and put in the storage room due to my space limitations.Continue reading “2019 UFO List”

Some Sewing Happened!

For the past 2 days I have actually had time to get some sewing done!  I managed to organize my 4 feet of space enough to work on some blocks.  How fun is that! A while back I found a pattern on a great site, The Eclectic Abuela for her Boxes of Strings pattern. It’s aContinue reading “Some Sewing Happened!”

Funny how things change!

Yesterday was DH’s regular weekly doctor’s appointment in Nelson, BC.  Stopped to get the groceries on my list and new SIM cards for our phones.  Then I had to haul butt to the Golf course.  We met Pat and signed a rental agreement.  So it is now decided.  After living in a 3700 square footContinue reading “Funny how things change!”

Introducing Nova-Lee

This sweet angel is Nova-Lee, born December 27, 2017.  I finally had the chance to meet her (they live in Red Deer, Alberta. I did have a nice visn’t with Miss Nova-Lee, her brother, Mason, her Mom, Nicole and her Nanny, Stacy.  It was too short as there is never enough time to visit whenContinue reading “Introducing Nova-Lee”