Friday Finishes

It has been two interesting weeks in my world.

Last week had me spending time at the studio where I decided I needed to try working with pantos for the first time.

In the week I was there I managed to finish 5 quilts on the frame. As soon as I finished 2 of them, they went out the door before I could get photos!

My other project was to finish a commission. Since I had practised on 2 of mine I was ready to go with another panto, “Flower Power” by Urban Elementz which D. Had picked.

From start to finish this 100” + 108” finished quilt took me just over three weeks, working in between other projects. I pieced it with Aurifil white thread and tried a new thread, Essentials by Connecting Threads in different shades of grey, for both top and bobbin on my long arm. My backing was a packaged one that my favourite LQS brings in for a decent price. My machine loved it! With the extreme heat wave we had I didn’t finish the binding until this week once I was home. D picked it up and was just thrilled that all she has to do is write a note on the label (an extra block I framed and sewed on the back) for her Granddaughter.

Next project to be completed to flimsy stage was my fun scrappy, batik quilt. This one is staying with me and I will finally have a quilt that I made in my home! 😉

I really like the on point effect of the centre star.

It was so enjoyable to play with the blocks, auditioning layouts before I settled on the Centre Star. 😄. Unfortunately it has now been placed in the To Be Quilted bin, but I have made progress on those bins! 😉 I’ll write more about this in another post.

Then I loaded my Glacier Ice quilt top on the frame. This one was made for The Winter Blues Blog Hop and you can read about it here. It’s squared up and reading for my preface binding to go on.

My last one on the frame was another UFO from the ToBe Quilted bins. I did some stitch in the ditch to stabilize the quilt and then took it off the frame. This one is going to be finished on my new machine doing ruler work. The plan is figured out but it will have to be done on my next trip to the studio. I had to set my new sewing machine up there, since our apartment is too small for the table to fit. The binding is made and sitting with the quilt.

So that is how my past two weeks has gone. With the heat and time constraints I didn’t have time to do much writing or even keep up with emails. The second shot in the arm was yesterday so I’m feeling the effects today (quite a bit worse than the first shot). It’s a day to sit and write and do some hand sewing. There is a project screaming at me that I just might need to start today. 😉

We now have 2 wildfires burning within 5 miles of our home. We should be fine here but bug out bags are packed just in case.

Thank you for reading my post. I really enjoy responding to your comments and appreciate it when you follow my blog. 😄 Carol

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Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

22 thoughts on “Friday Finishes

  1. I’m with Lori on the glacier quilt – WOW! Do you know I have yet to do a panto? I’ve had my machine for 8 years… That last one you did, the flower panto, is one I just ‘do’. It was in an AP&Q magazine from at least 13-15 years ago on a quilt. Don’t think there were pantos then? Anyhow, I know because the quilt it was done on is one I adapted and worked on the hand appliqué while having coffee once a week with my dear dad, who died in 08. Glad you got so much accomplished in those two weeks and that you’ve had your second shot now, woo hoo! I was wondering about you with that crazy heat out there. Glad you’re alright.

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    1. Hi Sandra. It was a fun time at the studio. The pantos were fun but I think I prefer ruler work and FMQ more 😉. The heat was insane while I was in Oyama. It was 52c on the deck in the shade at the most extreme 😓 It’s 36c here right now and feels cool 😉 but that could be part of the reaction to the shot


  2. Goodness, you’re getting so much done! I always feel sluggish in a heat wave. One beautiful quilt after the next in this post but man, that blue and white Glacial quilt is a stunner!

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    1. Thank you Rebecca for your sweet comment. Hiding out in the basement studio where it was cooler meant I could make good use of my time at the studio. Good thing because the energy is just not there after getting my second vaccine. Glacier Ice is probably my favourite quilt ever!


  3. Ahhhh Can we just stay here a moment and soak in all the quilty goodness!!! Oh your winter blues… I fell in Love at first sight with it!! so gorgeous – and your scrappy log cabin with the star…. oh my…I am so glad you are keeping that – I think you should show it quite afew more times!! Please stay safe and fingers crossed those fires go out quickly!!!

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    1. Thank you Alycia. Both of those Quilts are my all time favourites, too! As I’m writing this I keep running outside to watch the helicopters coming in. Those operators are heroes picking up water from the river and continually going back and forth. I think there are 4 of them working these two fires this morning.


  4. Boy you sure have been a busy gal! I love that you were able to finish some of those UFO’s. The blue log cabin is soooo pretty! So sorry that there are fires raging in your area. I hope you will be safe and not have to evacuate.

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    1. Thank you Vicki. Bug out bags are packed and I can load the car with DH and necessities and be out of here in under 10 minutes if the need arises. In the meantime I get to watch the amazing helicopter pilots do their work and play with fabric so life is still pretty good! 😉


  5. Hi Carol! FIVE quilting finishes this week. WOWEE! You rock. I love that Flower Power panto you’ve shared. I saw someone else share that and I’ve tried it (kind of) on my DSM. It is a nice, loose design that really appeals to me. Great job! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  6. What great quilts! I love that you have been able to get a lot done and then get your second jab…and recuperate. It is fun to quilt a bunch of quilts at once and see how differently each one feels and reacts. I love the one you did for the Winter Blues hop and how nice to have it done. I also love that you now have a quilt for your bed…that is the way it should be.

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    1. Hi Kathleen. It was nice to get a block of time at the studio. My Quilt for Winter Blues is an all time favourite. Now I just need to get back to the studio to quilt my quilt. 😉. Thank you for your wonderful comments.


    1. Thank you Wendy. It was a good block of time at the studio. You could be getting smoke from us, but I think there’s a couple of big fires on your side of the border, too. Bugout bags are packed but Forestry had had some success on our fires so I think we’ll be okay. Thankyou 😅


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