Lost in Space

I have been having a week that meant I have been out of touch this week. Apparently WordPress lost all of the links I had posted on my last posts so I will try to get that fixed ASAP. Appointments and meetings filled my time along with family news of Covid-19 testing and quarantining whileContinue reading “Lost in Space”

I Love Thursday #38

Have you checked the list of bloggers that share their lists of happy things over on LeeAnna’s blog Not Afraid of Color? It’s always fun to see what everyone shares. My list this week contains my usual loves; my sweet littles. I’ve just completed a new ruler case which will make travelling to my studioContinue reading “I Love Thursday #38”

Have You Heard the Word Gobsmacked?

Well that’s what I am after reading Sue and Roseanne’s fun blog post today at Home sewn By Us. They received TWO nominations for the Outstanding Blogger Award. TWO blogger friends developed five questions and added them to their nomination list. In my opinion it is so perfectly deserved. Then I got to the bottomContinue reading “Have You Heard the Word Gobsmacked?”

I Love Thursday #37

Thursday is the day when a group of bloggers post lists of things that make them happy on LeeAnna’s blog Not Afraid of Color. It’s always fun to head over there and see what everyone is sharing. I had a great morning today, meeting one of my Guild members at our Guild (masks on) toContinue reading “I Love Thursday #37”

The Eagle has Landed!

I’m finally finished my quilt for a very dear friend. I learned a lot making this quilt; to listen to the longarm and how it feels and sounds when everything is perfect. I learned that unquilting takes days to undo what can be done in an hour. 😉 I also learned that having the perfectContinue reading “The Eagle has Landed!”

January OMG Finishes

1. Get photos of my finished pattern test flimsies and send them to the designers. Done 2. Complete all of my pattern test quilt tops. Done 3. Finish my project for the “Hearts on Fire Blog Hop”. Done 4. Keep working on the 2 remaining Commissions which are not required for delivery until June. SomeContinue reading “January OMG Finishes”

Look at What’s Going On!

This is my To Do Tuesday #42 I haven’t had much that I was able to share this week. I wound up going to my favourite LQS and loading up my car: and then went to my quilty friend’s place. She has a studio with the space I need to set my baby up. TheContinue reading “Look at What’s Going On!”

I Love Thursday #29

Here it is, time to share the first of our lists of things that bring us joy in a brand new year. A group of us link up on LeeAnna’s blog, Not Afraid of Color. I like the fact that the creation of several vaccines are bringing the possibility of gaining some control over thisContinue reading “I Love Thursday #29”

January OMG

Every year Patty at Elm Street Quilts hosts a monthly linky party. It has been a great motivator for me to move projects along so I will be continuing to post my linkups with goals and finishes each month. It’s so satisfying to write about progress each month. Accountability helps! 😉 This was my listContinue reading “January OMG”

My Stitching Resolution

Once again Carla from Creatin’ In The Sticks put out a call for bloggers to join her in a Blog Hop, and I had to join in. I always enjoy Carla’s Hops 😉 It is fitting that the last Blog Hop of 2020, the year of craziness would be a somewhat different hop after theContinue reading “My Stitching Resolution”

What a Year It Has Been

Here it is, Christmas Eve Day 2020. This is the second last Thursday in the year of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We all had a year of challenges, some trauma, bouts of loneliness, having to “Make Do” with what we had on hand or were able to find on line or in the shops which experiencedContinue reading “What a Year It Has Been”

Finally A Finish 😄

This finish is a real joy to have done. It not only completes a commission, but gets a flimsy off my To Be Quilted/UFO List. I had gone over several patterns and photos of quilts with my customer and his choice was this quilt. This top was a test pattern I did for The QuiltContinue reading “Finally A Finish 😄”

I Love Thursday #26

Most weeks I head over to LeeAnna’s blog, Not Afraid of Color and join friends who linkup there to share lists of things that bring them joy. Once again I am late getting my post live, but my router died yesterday and I’m just getting caught up now with the new one being installed. IContinue reading “I Love Thursday #26”

I Like Thursday #22

I’m late writing my post today and joining my friends over at LeeAnna’s blog Not Afraid of Color who write about things they like that bring them joy. I was up before it was daylight and on the road to do some errands. First up on the list was to stop at the dump toContinue reading “I Like Thursday #22”

Friday the 13th Fun!

Started my day seeing this; So far DH has cleared off the carport twice! We’ve had 14 inches since 2:00 this morning and it’s still coming down. Winter has arrived in full force. Update: DH did it 2 more times; I’ve done it once! Winter is here! ❄️⛄️❄️ My morning is being spent getting caughtContinue reading “Friday the 13th Fun!”

Midweek Musings

It’s been an interesting week/month/year, hasn’t it? Covid-19 had us all going into lock down mode and due to the increasing numbers in parts of Canada, some Provinces are going to more restrictions. Most stores here in BC have “Mandatory Mask” signs. We utilized our stashes making masks for loved ones. Online stores were overwhelmedContinue reading “Midweek Musings”

Happy Hallowe’en To All My Friends Out there

I’m not sure what is happening in your part of the world, but here I am not expecting to see anyone other than by video calling. Before we moved to the golf course we didn’t have any trick or treaters because the property was out of town. I miss being in the city and seeingContinue reading “Happy Hallowe’en To All My Friends Out there”

I Love Thursday #18

A few months ago I was introduced to LeeAnna and a group of inspiring friends who get together most Thursday’s to share a list of likes and loves over on LeeAnna’s blog Not Afraid of Color. Through the year of Covid 19, political drama, deaths, murders and political unrest, I found it to be veryContinue reading “I Love Thursday #18”