The End of A Year and the Start of a New!

What a year it has been! I do hope you all have had a year full of fun, adventures and much creativity! I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you have a busy, prosperous and productive 2020.

I’ve been reading posts where the bloggers are talking about the end of another decade. It reminds me of the way everyone was declaring the end of the century in 1999. It seems to me that we celebrate our decades at the end of the ninth year, but wouldn’t the end of the decade be the end of our 10th year? Obviously I had a lot of time to think with the many hundreds of miles I drove in our almost month long adventure! More on that later!

January was the month of getting ready to go to Vancouver to get the information on the treatment for DH that we were so hopeful about. The initial consultation was encouraging and getting ready to go saw me busy sewing craft bags; pouches and bags to get me organized for the trip. I can’t believe that I had never made project pouches before, considering how much I used them both that month and every month since!

February saw me sewing up a storm with trying to get a quilt finished before our sweet Levi was born. Strange to think that is my second great grandson. This was my month for medical tests and checkups. DH was busy exercising and trying to build up his stamina. I did manage to get Levi’s quilt finished, did some proof reading and pattern testing for a couple of bloggers. Really not a productive month sewing wise,

Levi’s quilt in progress. No photo of the final. Bad Nana🤔

March was another busy month for medical appointments but I did finish a baby girl quilt.

Baby girl quilt for a neighbour’s sweet girl

We had more medical trips in April but I finished Levi’s quilt and knitted sweaters for Charlotte and Ruby.

Sweaters for my granddaughters, Charlotte and Ruby

We were getting ready for the extended trip to Vancouver for DH’s treatment in Vancouver but I finished some project bags and the first of 3 quilts for a fundraiser for the Golf Course.

Project bags!
Another project bag for travelling
Night Eyes by Teresa of All Sewn Up; the first of 3 for the Golf Course fundraiser

I can’t believe how much I got done in May. 2 more quilts for the Golf Course done to the flimsy stage and pattern test of a quilt top for The Quilt Pattern Magazine. My shoulder wasn’t cooperating with extended periods of quilting so I’m not yet finished the quilts for the Golf Course.

Kaleidoscope by Barbara Gavlick Hartnett

I was able to finish quilting and binding the last 2 quilts for the Golf Course and June saw them on display with tickets being sold. I also finished another pattern test for The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

The pink quilt was created from memory of a picture I once saw of a quilt and the blue, Hidden Treasures is my original design.

I had another good month in July and finished pattern testing 2 more for The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

Wild Spin by Nan Baker.
Harlequin by Nancy Noah

I also designed a block for Marian Penna’s Once Upon a Story Blog Hop hosted on the Seams to be Sew blog it was so much fun being part of this hop and seeing all of the talented bloggers designs!


Leftovers by Canuck Quilter

I was busy in August, testing Star Cross by Denise Mohler, and starting a test of Crystal Facets by Barbara Douglas for the Quilt Pattern Magazine. Then I got a call that my shoulder surgery was scheduled for September 3. Life interrupted my sewing schedule and I wasn’t able to finish Crystal Facets.

Surgery happened as scheduled in September. I can safely say I was a lump for most of the month and didn’t do anything creative. Mid September I got the go ahead from my surgeon and physiotherapist to star sewing and knitting. I never thought sewing simple 4 patches could be so satisfying! I did hundreds of them and hundreds of hst’s, managing to clean out some of my scrap bin!

I was able to make a crib size quilt in October for my second great granddaughter who is due December 7. I tested a pattern Star Crossed Plaid by Becca Fenstermaker at Pretty Piney Quilts.

Great Granddaughter, Clarke Jalynn’ quilt.

I had a bout of cabin fever in November and ran away to my friends place in Oyama, BC at the end of the month for a few days. While I was there I cut out two quilts, helped Dee with some of the 27 Christmas trees she decorated and had a bit of fun playing with fabric. When I got home I had two patterns to test for The Quilt Pattern Magazine so I was busy cutting and getting ready to piece them. I did finish the flimsies and they are now in my pile of tops that need to be quilted. Maybe in January I will be able to get started on the pile.

Sneak Peek at the fabrics for Garden Walk by Sue Beevers
Sneak Peek at the fabrics for Quirky Pinwheels by Bonny Peters.

I knew December would be pretty much a wash as far as projects getting done. We were committed to going to farm sit for my son in order for him to take his wife and kids to Hawaii for a much needed vacation. We left here on the 4th, travelling through horrible winter conditions to get to Drayton Valley, Alberta. We had the afternoon and evening with the kids and then they were off to the airport. There wasn’t much snow when we got there. It began after the kids left!

Hungry girls!
Wonderful driving conditions going to Alberta!
It snowed at the farm!

I didn’t need to do my exercises while at the farm because it snowed and snowed and snowed some more! I got my exercise shovelling and feeding animals. I couldn’t see the horses for two days so I waded through the snow walking the fence lines. They were hiding in the tree line in the far back pasture. The cats and dogs stayed close to home.

Here’s 2 of the 6!

I will write more in a separate post about the rest of my December adventures.

I just wanted to end this post with big news. I managed to work on my project for the Winter Blues Blog Hop Jan 20-24. How fun is that? That was my OMG for December.

Thanks for stopping by to read my long and picture heavy post for December.


Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

5 thoughts on “The End of A Year and the Start of a New!

  1. Hi Carol! What a wonderful recap of the year. Isn’t it hard to believe that one year ago we were all waiting to hear about DH’s treatment? Amazing and who would know that you would need surgery yourself in nine short months. I think you are a ROCKstar with getting everything accomplished that you have. Of course, the snow started as soon as the kids left. WOWEE! What a gift that you were able to shovel considering the situation just a few months before. Here’s my thought about the decade end/start – it’s like when a baby is born. The first year is really year zero technically because they turn one 12 months later. Therefore, the years ending in zero would be the new decade. I can, however, see your point! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Thank you! I did and I wish I was still at the farm. The horses got so used to me, they were coming up to the trough every time I walked outside. Sure wished I had gotten pictures of them all. 😄 Carol


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