Another Sewing Adventure

Some days I wonder how I get talked in to things!  I just got home from our local Elementary School where I had a meeting with some teachers, advisors and a good friend who is a grandmother to one of the students.  Turns out I am elected/volunteering to spearhead a group of students making costumes for their year end school play.  Should be a breeze, right?  30 costumes in 3 weeks with novice sewers!

Needless to say, I am off to do my required gardening chores and then I need to hit the studio.  I need some basic hats started for Thursday morning.

I do love my life and each day that brings a new adventure!

One Block Wonder

A couple of weeks ago at my monthly teaching day at the Guild, I had fun showing Monique how to do a whack n stack, or One Block Wonder.  She had some pieces of amazing Tula Pink fabrics that she thought would make fun pieced fronts for her knitting bags.  The block turned out amazing and I can’t wait to see the finished bag.  She brought the block to our monthly meeting to share at our show and tell.

Donna fell in love with the block and saw some of Bruce Seeds finished quilts on line and decided she wants to do one.  She asked Monique to teach a class.  Monique forwarded her request to me.

So now I am doing a One Block Wonder to take to our monthly meeting on Wednesday.  Hopefully it will spark enough interest that we will have enough members to do a class.

I found a nice sized piece of ugly Christmas fabric in my stash that I thought would work well.  After I cut my strips and lined them up, I cut my triangles for 3 3/4″ strips.  I have sewn the first half dozen hexagons and am really liking how this is coming along.


Aren’t they fun?  I love playing with the triangles to get that just right look for each hexagon.

2018 Finish Along Q2 Monthly Goals

A modern variation of a Lonestar Quilt

I have been seeing all of the lists of everyone else’s projects and have decided that this might be a good tool to help me get organized enough to finish some of my WIPs.

So here goes my list:

  1. Homecoming, a custom variation of a Lonestar Quilt.
  2. Road to Arkansas, my variation -need to finish piecing.
  3. Barkerville Chinese Lanterns from 2012 Barkerville Retreat- finish putting the top together
  4. One Block Wonder sample to use for teaching
  5. Shawn’s TShirt Quilt fabric pulled.  Need to start trimming shirts and stabilize
  6. Charlotte’s new quilt -fabric is pulled. Need to find a pattern she likes
  7. Ruby’s first big girl quilt.  Fabric is pulled, pattern is drafted.  Need to wait for bed size?
  8. Night Eyes Pattern by Teresa Marai from Sewn up, both throw and Queen size need to be sandwiched, quilted and bound.
  9. Finish sorting studio to see what other treasures can be found hidden in the stash!


Now to see if I can add a link to my page!

Continued progress on Lonestar

A modern variation of a Lonestar Quilt

Well I’m happy to say that this treasure is finally progressing along.  I had issues with machines breaking down and needing to go to Allan for some much needed repairs and a service while he had possession of them.  Can you believe all 3 machines went down one after the other or at the same time?

The Pfaff Hobby Quilter is not co-operating with my longarm frame so I am doing the quilting the old fashioned way on my domestic, free motion quilting and some ruler work.  The pieced borders were fun to design and I am very satisfied with the element they add to the overall design.

I do like using wool roving for the batting and it is definitely warm and cozy.  I will use this again.


Introducing Nova-Lee

This sweet angel is Nova-Lee, born December 27, 2017.  I finally had the chance to meet her (they live in Red Deer, Alberta.

I did have a nice visn’t with Miss Nova-Lee, her brother, Mason, her Mom, Nicole and her Nanny, Stacy.  It was too short as there is never enough time to visit when you are snuggling with a wee one.  My granddaughter, Nicole sent a photo when Nova-Lee was playing on her quilt.

I peiced the Road to Oklahoma Quilt with fabrics from my stash and my scrap bin so it’s a mix from all of my favorite fabric suppliers.  Once I had it sandwiched I quilted with some stitch in the ditch and cross hatching, made a label and did my binding.  All in all, I had a great time with this one and Nicole and Stacy were happy to get it, especially when I told them it’s machine washable!  I used Warm and Bright batting; love it for baby quilts.


I love it when we get to FaceTime.  Nova-Lee laughs, smiles and “talks” now.


.I think I have found another pattern to add to my favourites list.  I have another Road to Oklahoma Quilt on the cutting table.  I had some beautiful fabric in my stash which just was crying for a traditional pattern so off we go!

In the meantime my Lonestar Quilt is coming along.  It near broke my heart when I came home from a Guild Meeting and discovered DH’s grandson had visited my studio and spilled his grape juice on it.  After doing a complete Stitch picking job on it, I did salvage what I could, but was short of the original fabric so I’ve had to rework the design and it’s got a modern twist to it now.  I’m using wool roving from Carstairs Woolen Mill for the batting.  The couple it’s for live off grid here in the Kootenays so a warm quilt is a necessity.  I will be sad to see this one go, but it is past time it was in its new home.  More on this when I finish the last border!

Winter Fun

This has been a busy winter, fondling fabric and a trip to Alberta to look after my two youngest granddaughters for a few days while Mom attending a seminar and Dad was working.  We had too much fun feeding animals and building an ice and snow castle.  We also began our first sewing lessons, and Charlotte and Ruby were having a grand time choosing fabric.

I’ve been teaching again at our local Guild.  My monthly quilting group have each been working on various quilting projects and we had three beginners start quilting projects this year.  Such fun sharing the love of fabric with young moms.  When the quilts are done and hung for our spring show I will get pictures.

Our members decided they needed a Members Day learning Raggy quilts so of course I had to get busy making some examples.  I did a traditional quilt with 8″ squares in lovely cottons.  It found a new home with one of our members newest granddaughter.   It’s pictured above.   I also did a fun Churn Dash raggy quilt with some fun leftover border print flannel.  This one became a present for my new great niece.  I hope Jenny likes it because one of our Guild Members wanted to take it home with her!

Then I had to play with some leftover bits of flannel; a Cathedral Window Raggy Quilt made from leftover train fabric.  This is slated to be for my great grandson; he needs a new car blanket.

Under the Needle

Last fall I was awarded a commission to make a very special quilt for a couple that lost their home to the ravages of fire.  Fire has touched my family on several occasions, from the Firestorm in Kelowna, to the house fires that my ex-husband and his family experienced to the house fire my son and daughter in law survived.  It does something to my heart when I hear of another victim.  I met with Judy and she showed me the remains of some quilt treasures she had found and valued over the years.  She asked me if I could recreate one of the quilts.  We had fun discussing fabrics and colors and batting.  I started on the quilt; which was a variation of the Lonestar Pattern; a circle.  I used Lynne Goldsworthy’s pattern. Lone Star Circle Quilt from Krista Hennebury’s Book; Make It, Take It.  Krista has a blog which I enjoy  .I’m so excited!  I just figured out how to insert a link!).  You might want to take a peek at her adventures.

Lonestar Circle QuiltThis is the quilt I was going for sort of!




and this is the book DH gave me for my birthday!

imake it Take It

I had the top 3/4 pieced when disaster struck!  DH’s grandson was being babysat by his Grampa when I was working in the greenhouse.  I have to tell you grape juice does not come out of a quilt top.  I did not have enough of the fabric to redo the top, so my stitch ripper and I spent many hours picking the diamonds apart.  I had to start over and redo my design.  I have now finished the center medallion and was quilting it when my machine decided it needed a rest and some servicing.  It is in the shop now and  I am getting closer to the top of the queue.  It turns out that a lot of people decide to get their servicing done over the Christmas and New Year holidays since they will not have time to sew with all of the festivities!  I have the border panel pieced and ready to go.  Now I just need my machine in order to sandwhich and quilt the top and add the borders.  I do my own version of QAYG when working on king sized quilts.  This one will be gorgeous and I am using 100% wool batting from Carstairs Custom Woolen Mills to keep my friends nice and warm in their off the grid home!  The backing is an incredible batik, full of light and color.  I am using a mix of Northcott, Moda, and of course my favorite, Robert Kaufman fabric for the top.  Once I have my machine back, I will update my progress with more pictures!




Night Eyes from Sewn Up

I am so in love with this pattern!  It is great for beginners and a quick pattern for charity quilts.  As soon as I got the pattern, I whipped up the throw size to familiarize myself with the pattern.  Our local community golf course is not very secure right now, so I volunteered to do a quilt for them to sell as a fundraiser.  I had some fun golf fabric in my stash, but had to go to Allan’s Sewing in Trail, BC to find some additional fabric because I just didn’t have the right red in my stash.  Luckily Allan had the perfect one in stock.  The cutting only took a couple of hours.  I had the blocks done in 3 days, in between starting my garden seeds, prepping the garden, having company and dealing with hubby and home chores.  Had to make an out of town trip for a few days so I was itching to get back to start putting the blocks together on point.  It went together easily and I only had to pick out one block which I had inverted.  I very satisfied with the finished top and am still thinking about how to quilt it.  It might not get done until the winter because my busy summer season is about to begin and I now have 6 other quilts (including 2 commissions) in the queue.  I will post again when the quilt is done.

Throw made from TeresaDownUnder’s Night Eyes Pattern

imageThis is the first quick test of Teresa’s pattern. I had volunteered to test patterns for her and had to try the throw before I pulled fabric from my stash to do the queen sized quilt she needed me to do.  Once I had pulled the fabrics from my scrap bin and from my stash of larger bits, it only took me an hour to cut the fabrics.  I’m not sure about the brand of the batik, but I did find a bit of Bernatex and some of my favorite Northcott Fabric that worked well.  The colors were chosen to get a throw done for a Christmas present for a good friend.  I’m so proud of how organized I am; thinking of Christmas in April.  When I have time to quilt this beauty, I am thinking a cross hatch straight line quilting might be the plan, but that could change when I get to that point.

Not Enough Time!

Life has been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to edit and publish any of my posts for the past few months.  Hubby has been dealing with changes in his medications and I got sidetracked with a non-profit that was foundering and needed some help to get things back on track.  Add to that some commissions for work and several out of town and out of province trips.

Now that fall has arrived I am back to teaching my fall/winter classes and have 3 brand new quilters, 2 advanced beginners and 7 advanced/intermediate quilters in this group.  It’s going to be a fun winter with much laughter and a bit of stitch ripping for sure.

I have 3 finishes to photograph and write about, 2 new designs, my quilting frame experience, a commission quilt which had to be ripped apart (thanks to a still living grandson and his grape juice sneaking into the studio!), and the subsequent redesign of the project due to a slight shortage of the fabric; grape juice did NOT improve the color of the chosen fabrics.  I will have time to get these posts done over the next few weeks.

Thready Thursday

Only managed a couple of hours in the studio today………..working on the test pattern for Teresa of SewnUp fame.  I am really enjoying this pattern.  It is a perfect pattern for novice quilters.  The blocks are 12″ so they go together fairly quickly.  In fact I have the quilt almost done.  The cutting and piecing the blocks have taken approximately 2 hours.  In less than an hour tonight I managed the first two rows of piecing the rows, sashing and corner blocks.  The pattern is well written and the blocks would work well for fabric that can be fussy cut.  I’m working with a variety of fabrics (cottons; patterned and batiks) from several suppliers (Moda, Northcott and Windham fabrics all leftovers from various projects!  What fun!

I must admit, I am anxious to have this practise quilt done so I can get going on the queen size version.

Working Wednesday

Woo Hoo!  :))

What at a great day today was.  I managed to finish piecing the last of 32 different sized star blocks for the star border on a quilt with a central medallion, pieced link blocks surrounding it and now I just have to wait until Saturday to lay it out on Saturday at Slocan Valley Threads Guild (such lovely large tables which are perfect for finalising layouts and sandwiching quilts).  This beauty is made from various fabrics from my stash from Moda, Northcott and Windham fabrics.  Some of the fabrics are vintage treasures which I have been saving.  The quilt is done in a blue, pink, burgundy and white palette.  I love the way these fabrics blend with a bright white background!

My class on Saturday are trying to get their quilts finished to hang at the annual Yard n Yardage sale.  It always makes me smile when I see the results of all their hard work being shown to the members of our community!  These ladies have progressed to the point that I seldom get asked for help, so I try to make sure I have one or two of my projects to work on with me.  Their enthusiasm and energy sure makes me motivated to keep trying to find new projects to keep them interested and challenged.

I finished piecing the backing today for my newest grandson, Fynn.  I’m really loving how this quilt has come together.  “Baby Bear” will be perfect for my son’s newest baby bear.  Hopefully he will enjoy the quilt when he gets home from Saudi next month.  It will be a surprise for him.  He always talks to his babies when he is snuggling with them.  I love hearing him talk to them, calling the boys “Baby Bear”.  For this reason the quilt top is made with a traditional Bear Claw pattern block and the pieced back is a wonderful flannel with bears snuggling with honey pots. With a scattering of pieced Ohio Star blocks in nice, bright yellow and orange.  When the quilt is finished I will post some photos.

The last thing I managed to do today was finish cutting the pieces for a new pattern. I’m thrilled to be testing a pattern for Teresa Mairal from Teresa Down Under (SewnUp).  I have enjoyed her blog and Youtube posts for a long time, so when the opportunity arose to volunteer to test her patterns, I jumped right in.  I can’t wait to share this quilt when it is finished.  I’m doing the throw quilt in shades of purple, grey and green with some leftovers from another project to test the pattern. The quilt will either go in to the closet for a gift for next Christmas or will become a donation for a fundraiser for a wonderful woman who has been diagnosed with cancer again.  Such a sad situation.  She recovered from cancer treatment, then lost her husband and then had to have surgery for a brain tumor.  I have already picked out the fabrics in my stash to do the queen size version of the quilt since I volunteered to do Qs.  I just had to try the throw so I could play with a new pattern!

Charlotte’s pick

When my granddaughter, Charlotte was 3, her Daddy and Mommy discovered Charley was going to have a sibling.  Our Miss Charlotte decided she needed Nana to make her a quilt for her big girl bed in their new house.  With her Mom’s help, she found a pattern she liked and then picked her fabrics out.  Our girl definitely knows her mind!  It was a labor of love and look how great it looks in her new room.  Most of the fabrics came from my stash….a blend of Northcott, Moda Fabrics, and some unknowns!  I used a Warm and Naturals Bright White batting since the quilt will be laundered often.  Did it all on my Janome domestic.  Quilting was a simple stitch in the ditch job.

Another one done!

Finally one for me to keep!  I have been hoarding this fabric ever since Kathleen bought some and showed it to me.  I had to make the trip to Kathy’s Quilt Shop in Prince George, BC to get the teal and brown floral, but then lucked out and found the extra fabrics to coordinate with the gorgeous floral.  There is something so luxurious about the combination of teal, chocolate brown and gold that makes it irritable! I had to add in the auberfrine border for a contrast and made a mistake in the choice of but nding fabric.  I had a lovely brown fabric to use for the backing.  Thimbleberries provided the inspiration in one of the many books they have in print.

Hello world!

My name is Carol, but I answer to Mom, Nana, Sweetie, Honey and CJ!  I am a wife, mother, grandmother of 7, and even a great gramma to soon to be 3!  I started sewing, knitting and crocheting at the age of 11 with my grandmother’s help.  These days I am lucky enough to be able to spend my time sewing, quilting, fondling fabric and knitting.  I teach quilting at The Slocan Valley Threads Guild and even get to take classes there as well.  I’ve discovered felting is fun and my feet are nice and warm in my new slippers.

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