Sweet Sunday Sewing, Or Not?

This morning I got up bright and early hoping to see sunshine or the possibility of blue skies to be able to take pictures of some almost finished or finished projects. It was not to be as the grey skies and many grey clouds showed that today would likely be another wet one. I’m not going to complain too much! The more moisture we get the bigger delay until fire season begins here in British Columbia. It’s heartbreaking to know that High Level, Alberta is already evacuated because of a fire that is just miles away from the town.

Plan B meant I would get my sewing space tidied up after the last couple of days of sewing. Then the plan was to get out my Pfaff Hobby Quilter, change out some feet and play with some new rulers I purchased the other day in Trail, BC at Allan’s Sewing Machine and Repair when I had to take one of the Guild machines in for servicing.

The tidying occurred quickly. Machines were swapped out. The Pfaff was taken apart for a quick cleaning as I usually do before I start a new project or if the machine has not been used for a while. My sewing table was clear. Everything was clean. Cords were in place. Needle was changed. Practise sandwiches were made. All was good to go. Ooops ! Needed to fill some bobbins. I reached in to remove the bobbin case from the machine. The case came out but the bobbin remained. Back in I again reached with my left hand while my right hand rested on the machine. I sneezed and my hand hit the needle down button. A few choice words, some peroxide and a nice clean bandage was on my middle finger which is now missing a chunk from the fingerprint/pad portion of my fingertip. The blood loss determined that it was nap time for me!

After a short nap I got up and managed to finish filling some bobbins and had some fun with my rulers.

Then out came one of the two remaining fundraising quilts to get the quilting finished. I am hoping to get them both done and binding on by month end.

In the meantime I can count 2 more finishes for the month! I finished designing and testing a block for a Row Along which will start in September (which I can’t show). I also finished a queen size quilt pattern I was testing (which I also can’t show) which I can only tease you with a peek!

Aren’t those colours and fabrics great together?

Thank you for stopping by. I do hope your Sunday was accident free and filled with fun times or fabric fondling! 🤪 Cheers! Carol

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Secret Sewing and Sandwiches

I managed to sandwich my two other fundraising quilts for the golf course.

In between getting that done and waiting for my basting spray to dry, I was working with some of the almost 300 hst’s I made yesterday for the secret sewing I am doing.

Can you see all of the bonus hst’s I finished up with? My mind is percolating with ideas to use up these sweet leftovers, but I just don’t have time for that squirrel right now!

The stitch in the ditch portion of my quilting on the fundraising quilts is done. I’m just playing with some custom quilting on them now.. I should have the binding on by the end of the weekend. It’s exciting to think of 4 finishes or possibly 5 for May since I am also finishing a block design/test for an upcoming Row Along being hosted by Marian Pena at Sew Easy Sew.

Have a great weekend and do try to have some fun playing with fabric if that brings you joy. I’m heading over to the machine as soon as I finish this post. 😁. Cheers, Carol

May OMG Finish

So here it is: the first of my three quilts for the golf course fundraiser.

It was too much fun to just walk out my front door and take a picture of the quilt on one of the Course picnic tables. I had no way to hang the quilt so I thought this would work on a windy day!

Isn’t my view stunning? Often in the evening we have deer wandering by. It is so quiet and peaceful here.

In the first picture you are overlooking the 6th hole. The second photo shows some of the quilting. I just realized that I missed finishing the quilting on this one block. Guess I better get at that in the morning. 🤪

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day and have some fun doing something you enjoy. 😁. Carol

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A Mother’s Day Finish

Happy Mother’s Day to you all; be you mother, father, grandmother, aunt, son, daughter or person who has shared special time with a child. The days of the stereotype are fading but to me Mothers Day has always been a day where I try to let my children and grandchildren know how much I love them and appreciate being part of their lives. My circle has expanded over the years to include son and daughters in law. I enjoy writing letters to my elder sons wife on these occasions to let her know how special she is and how much I value her inclusion in our family. She is an amazing example of a strong competent young woman. My other daughter in law is also very competent and creative. Today she managed to spend the day in Galveston with my grandkids and my younger son who was there on a course before he headed back to Saudi Arabia. My daughters husband is a sweet funny man and today he was busy cooking for all of my many kids, grandkids and great grandchildren who all went home to see Nanny and Poppa for the day.

Today I finished the last stitch in the hand sewing on the hanging sleeve on the first of three quilts for the fundraiser for our local golf course. It was exciting to have this bright, cheerful quilt completely finished. Pictures will follow in tomorrow’s post with the other two fundraising flimsies.

The pattern is Night Eyes by Teresa Mairal Barreu who blogs as Teresa Down Under and posts incredible how to videos under the name of All Sewn Up. Recently Teresa published a book “Turnabout Patchwork”. It’s quite a fun book with some great ideas to play with some traditional blocks to amazing results. I did test the “Night Eyes” pattern for Teresa and can highly recommend it for a quick on point pattern that is wonderful to showcase larger prints.

The back of the quilt was a beautiful 100% cotton sheet I had found and washed before sandwiching the quilt. I used a polyester/cotton batting in this quilt. After sandwiching and pin basting the quilt, I started with a simple stitch I the ditch around the black portions of the blocks to provide some stabilization in order to quilt it quickly. I did some generic wavy lines with red Aurifil thread in the rectangular shoe fabric borders and a beige thread in the bobbin. Then I did more wavy lines in the opposing green blocks. All in all I was satisfied with the airy feeling the quilting gave. The end result is a nice cuddly quilt with not too dense quilting.

On to piecing the next two flimsies. By this evening I had put a good dent in getting the blocks finished. One quilt is all done with pinks, yellow and white in a trellis style on point setting. I’m not sure what pattern I saw somewhere inspired the pattern, but ai think I managed to duplicate fairly closely what I remembered. The third quilt will be scrappy with blues, browns and light/neutrals/white. I’m designing it as I go so fingers crossed it will come out the way I am envisioning it!

If the skies are as clear tomorrow as they are predicting I should be able to get some good daylight outdoor photos!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all. I hope your day was filled with calls and visits from family. Mine was! In between calls much fabric fondling occurred! Thanks for stopping by! 😉 Carol


I can hardly believe that it is May already! I’m also wondering how everyone else did with their OMG.

I had planned on getting all 3 quilts done for the fundraiser for the golf course. I did not get even one finished!

This is the first of the three and is a completed flimsy. I managed to sandwich and baste it.

The other 2 quilts are not yet finished to the flimsy stage. One is pieced but still needs borders. The third quilt is still blocks and I need to decide on a final layout.

This month was our annual fundraiser for our Guild. I wound up working at the Guild every Tuesday and Thursday in April getting things ready; measuring-and pricing all of our donated fabrics, notions, wool, books and equipment. Last Sunday was our event. In 4 hours we raised over $5000.00 which means we can fix our fence, put in some shelving to store equipment, and perhaps fix the roof on our storage shed. It was so much fun! As soon as it was over, I scooted home, loaded the car and picked up DH to head to Vancouver for his appointments. We only got as far as Princeton before we were both tired.

Being in the city meant we got a bonus visit in with our dog. Bam lives with DH’s daughter now. He is a city dog! We grabbed him and headed out for a walk to the beach. It was fun to throw rocks and see him chase them into the water. Bam is so addicted to the game he would keep going until he drowned. He just doesn’t want to quit. He is getting old now so we only let him play for a while. The arthritis is setting in and our poor old man suffers if we don’t stop him. He is such a joy to spend time with. He just makes the stress of dealing with doctors, clinics and making decisions so much easier to handle. I sure miss this boy. DH wanted to dog nap him but we can’t have pets where we live now.

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Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my post, 🥴. Carol

Q2 FAL Proposed Finishes

This quarter will be a difficult one since DH and I will be living out of hotel rooms for most of it! His treatment begins May 6 in Vancouver for 14 weeks.

My goals for this quarter are;

  1. Make 3 quilts for the Golf Course Fundraiser.
  2. Knit my 2 pairs of slippers (one to felt and one non felted).
  3. Design and piece my Kaleidoscope Quilt for our bed for the summer months.
Starting to piece blocks for one of the fundraising quilts.

If I can get these done, I will be happy!

Pieces for the second fundraising quilt for the golf course.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post! Have fun fondling fabric! 😄 Carol

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I’m in!

April OMG

April is going to be a busy month with our annual fundraiser at the Guild and getting ready to head to Vancouver for DH’s 12 week treatment.

I’m keeping my goals simple because of the schedule.

First up:

This pile of fabric goodness will be a finished quilt by month’s end; one of 3 for a fundraiser for the Golf Course. Can you see the sweet pink, white and yellow golf fabric? I love it and was glad it was in my stash to become part of this quilt!

Next up;

These are the bits and pieces for quilt #2 for the Golf Course. I have the perfect fabric for the border on this one; blue, white and black golf shoes on a white background.

Number 3 is already a flimsy. It was made from Teresa Mairal Barreau’s Night Eyes Pattern. I’m sure you have heard of Sewn Up from Teresa Down Under. She is one of my favorite designers and I really enjoyed following her last Blog Hop to celebrate the publishing of her book Turnabout Patchwork. See the red shoes? That’s the fabric I have in blue for the border on Quilt 2. It’s just too much fun!

So that’s the goals for April; get these 3 finished before we go to Vancouver.

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Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my post. Have a great day and spend some time this week doing something you enjoy! 😄 Carol


It’s always a fun time to record finishes.

First up I have Charlotte’s sweater knitted, buttons sewed on and the parcel has been mailed! As usual, I forgot to take a picture after it had been soaked and blocked.

Somewhere years ago, I was given a handwritten pattern for a children’s sweater pattern that is knit top down in one piece. As the years have gone by I have played with the pattern and added collars, changed the pattern stitch and modified everything you could modify!

It has resulted in some cute original sweaters that make me smile!

My sweet Charlotte picked out this wool when last I was visiting. Not really a surprise to me. She loves blue of any shade.

Next up is Ruby’s sweater. She picked out some pink wool. I guessed it would either be pink or orange for Ruby-Roo. That’s her favourite color choices. Can you believe they are made from the same basic pattern? It is so much fun to play and modify them!

My last finish for the Quarter is Levi’s quilt. It’s finished, quilted, bound, washed and mailed. My sweet great grandson’s Mommy will send a picture with Levi and his quilt. Sure hard to believe that little man is seven weeks old now.

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Once Upon A Story

I know I wasn’t going to start any new projects other than the quilts for the golf course fundraiser until my UFO list is complete but when I saw Marian Pena from Seams to be Sew posting about her upcoming RAL Once Upon A Story in September, well I just had to jump in. The theme is right in my wheelhouse with a third great grandchild having arrived and several young grandchildren around as well. What fun it will be judging by her past hops. I’ve also been getting hints on the prizes for the hop and OMG! Talk about treasures!

Be watching for this RAL!

Reading the description I saw fairy tales or nursery rhymes and my mind was spinning with ideas. Now I can’t wait to get started designing and playing with fabric! Sketches abound. Fabrics are being pulled. Fun times! ✂️🧵🤔

Where will you be on September 3, 2019? Hopping around checking out blogs, I hope! Stay tuned for more info as it comes available. I can’t wait to see who will join in!

In the meantime, I am en route to Red Heart at the Kelowna General Hospital. Stress tests, ECGs, Ultrasound and Angiogram fun awaits me! Woo Hoo! Maybe I’ll be really lucky and get a couple of days recuperating with my best quilty friend after! Might be a couple of days before I can update the blog!

Have a happy day fondling fabric 😀 and thanks for taking the time to read my post. 😄Carol

Springtime Fun!

It’s time to update you all since I missed posting for National Quilting Day and St. Patrick’s Day! Hopefully your days were both great and you got to play with fabric and drink green beer 🥴!

The weather has improved greatly here with beautiful blue skies and temperatures of 12 degrees today. Unfortunately it also means the driveway is a mud bog and our parking spot is a water covered ice rink, but I’ll take it!

Looks like the never ending real estate deal might actually close in two weeks when our lawyer gets back from his well earned vacation in Poland. I can tell you I’m doing the happy dance!

Levi’s quilt is sandwiched and quilted. I just need to put the binding on and attach the label. I used a fuzzy, purple pile for the backing instead of cotton so the label isn’t pieced in. I realized I needed to save the rest of the fabrics from the collection to make a second quilt! The parents of my third great grandchild do not live together so our little man requires two of everything so Mom and Dad both have similar items for him!

Last week was very productive in the quilt department as well. I had volunteered to make a quilt for our local golf course to raffle. Last week I did the cutting and pieced all of the blocks for a queen size quilt; all in shades of white and pink with bits of blue and yellow in the two focal fabrics (a floral and a golf fabric). I love this pattern and the spring like colors!

I did go to Trail for my specialist appointment and got the good news that I do not have cancer. When I saw the cardiologist in Nelson the next day he said I will be sent to Kelowna for an angiogram and am now on medication. For someone who never even takes aspirin, having to remember to take pills at designated times is such a pain in the you know what!

My weekend saw me spending time with my Accuquilt cutter and my scrap bins. I got the bin emptied and all of my precut squares, triangles and strips are stored away in the appropriate boxes and bins. I love my pizza boxes and have rules that once the boxes get full I need to do something with the contents. My one box is full now of the two patches made from 2” squares to finally start piecing my confetti quilt when my UFO’s get finished. I’m so excited!

Tidying up my scrap bin treasures in to the appropriate boxes!

My next project saw me start to play with blue and purple scraps. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, but inspiration struck and look what I wound up with! I have the perfect blue and black golf shoe fabric on a white background to make a nice wide border on this quilt. I haven’t quite got it figured out yet, but the ideas are percolating!

Bonus blocks from contents of the scrap bins!

After I returned from town today I attended the meeting at the golf course to update them on my quilt progress. After hearing the financial and fundraising reports, I expanded my offer of one quilt for their raffle to 3! I have 4 more full weeks to finish 3 quilts, one king, one queen and one throw! Guess I am crazy and yes, I will be busy! I checked my stash and I’m pretty sure I have everything I need for tops and backings. I might have to purchase more batting next time we go to town.

I already have the blocks done for the pink and white golf quilt. It will go together quickly next week. This blue and purple one will be the second for the golf course. I’m not positive, but in one trunk that I haven’t unpacked I might have a flimsy that has red golf shoes fabric in it. Can I be so lucky? Did I donate it to a different charity? This getting old and having a fuzzy memory is frustrating at times like this……or maybe it’s the medication? Either way, DH is going to have to help me dig through the storage room tomorrow after I get back from the Guild. We have an organizational meeting tomorrow for our annual fundraiser.

I’ve been trying to not buy anything since we have a date now for DH’s treatment. We are heading to Vancouver the last week of April for 14 weeks. I’m looking forward to him having this treatment, but so dreading having to be in the city and contending with traffic for that time. DH refuses to drive there and he is the world’s worst passenger!

I am still hoping that the surgeon will be able to do the surgery on my shoulder before we go. I won’t mind not being able to sew much if we are busy down there! Good recuperation time for me. I can take some handsewing and knitting with me and will stock up on books on the iPad before we go. Our hotel has a pool and hot tub so I might be able to do some swimming. It’s a good gentle excercise and would be good for my shoulder mobility since I will be learning how to use it all over again! There is also a nice little gym in our hotel so I can always walk on the treadmill for a few miles a day or ride the bike. We will see how that all goes.

So that’s how my spring is starting! Isn’t it exciting? How about you? Anything exciting or inspiring going on? Have you any big plans for your Spring? Gardening to do? Fabric to fondle?

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Do come again! 😄 Carol

Quilt Qwazy Queens

I had planned a project for this Hop and then, guess what? Life happened and that squirrel paid me a visit in the form of one of my young neighbours…………..

She is such a sweet young (very young) lady. We were talking about sewing and quilting and it turns out this young lady is interested in learning to sew! She has 2 preschool kids at home and is expecting number 3 in a few days. I sent her home with enough flannelette, thread, one of my machines and instructions to make some double sided receiving blankets. While she was here she told me the new baby is a girl. She has two boys already so she really enjoyed fondling the pinks, purples and bits of girly fabric I had and asked if it’s hard to make a quilt. Just before she left, she told me her husband had just been laid off from his job.

So that’s where the squirrel came in. I pulled every bit of flannelette I could find in my scrap bin and started thinking of warm, snuggly quilts. Trying to think of a pattern that would work with what I had was getting frustrating until I thought of a disappearing nine patch. I wasn’t sure if I had enough fabric on hand but got busy cutting 8″ squares and putting them together in layouts to figure my colors. I didn’t have quite enough so I had to make some crumb squares. I had to configure things so I could make the quilt a raggy quilt because I love having something that’s warm and cuddly, but also give the wee one something to touch and play with the fuzzy edges.

I also had two orphan blocks in the right colors that I could make work and I wanted to have one or two uncut squares to add to the variety.

Once I had decided on how thing were going to be put together, I started sewing and cutting. I love how these quilts come together so quickly! Slicing and turning, resewing and voila! In just 4 hours, I had the quilt blocks made, sandwiched, quilted and the rows all put together.

After I dinner I made a cup of tea and sat and did the snipping.

The quilt went in to the washer and dryer twice to give it that snuggly, fuzzy appearance.

Now it’s ready for a sweet little girl to make her appearance. I think it’s perfect for my wonderful neighbour. She is a young hippy so the wilder and brighter the quilt is, the more she will like it! I know. It’s crazy! Right? No discernible pattern since some of the blocks were pieced before I made the nine patches and then sliced and sewed. It has been delivered to a surprised Mom and sweet little Tenley has been bundled in her quilt.

Originally I had planned on writing about my Homecoming Quilt. It was a king size Lonestar Quilt which was being made for a dear friend who had lost her home and 95% of her belongings in a house fire. The reconstruction was traumatic and took almost 2 years. The original quilt was a quilt that her grandmother had made. I had the flimsy pieced when a very busy 5 year old grandson was visiting. I was teaching a class at the Guild and Grampa was babysitting. Grampa got tied up on the phone, so Michael decided to inspect my studio along with his glass of grape juice! You guessed it! I had to unpick most of the quilt and start over. Since a large portion of the fabric was destroyed by the addition of a very vibrant purple, I had to rework my design. Flimsy #2 was redone with some modern variations. I was finally satisfied with version #2 and had been looking forward to putting it on the frame. Unfortunately we had to move in to temporary housing after what was supposed to be a sale of our home. That became the never-ending real estate deal. So I had to do the quilting on my domestic machine. Now the crazy comes in. My dear friend insisted that the quilt be made with wool roving as batting? Have you ever worked with roving? It started not bad, but after free motion quilting the centre of the star, I discovered that the roving kept shifting causing puckers in the backing. Out came my friend, the ripper again. I consulted with my friend and every quilter I knew. The best solution was to make a muslin “bag” with channels for the roving. So the inside sack was constructed and when I sandwiched the top, batting bag and backing I discovered that I had to pin it every two inches to keep things in place so I could at least get some basting stitching done. Yes, this was discovered when I had more puckering and had to get the ripper out again. By this time my backing was the worse for wear, so I undid everything and changed out my backing. I can tell you when this project was finished I was so happy to send it on it’s way but forgot to get the final pictures. When my friend gets back from her 6 month contract she promised to send me photos so I will have some for my portfolio!

This is the start of version 2 of Homecoming. Eventually I will have pictures of the completed craziest quilt I have ever made!

As I finish writing this I’m thinking that I changed my mind about the craziest quilting experience ever. I was at a meeting this afternoon for the golf course DH loves. 30+ years ago he built the clubhouse. We now live in a pretty little suite in the back portion of the clubhouse so DH gets to walk out the door and play. With his MS we work at keeping him mobile and getting exercise so golf works well. Unfortunately the course is going the way of many small rural courses with aging populations. Financially things are tight. So guess who is making not 1, but 3 quilts for a raffle; king, queen and throw sizes. I have 5 weeks until opening day! Wish me luck! 🥴. Better yet, teach me how to say “NO!” instead of being such a volunteer!

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I hope you are enjoying seeing the other quilters qwazies as much as I am! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Take some time to do something you enjoy today and find a reason to laugh. That makes life worthwhile! 😄. Carol

Quilt Qwazy Queens Starts Today!

This Hop and Giveaway , hosted by Seams to be Sew, starts today.

Here is the schedule for the hop;

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And the Giveaway by the Fat Quarter Shop is available on the daily blogs.


Do stop by and see the crazy goodness these people have created!

Spend some time today, doing something you love! I am……..fabric fondling and manipulating for secret projects continues! 😄. Carol

Quilt Qwazy Queens

Are you getting ready for another Hop? Just take a look at the last neap for this one! There are even a couple of new to me stops on the schedule.

Below is the schedule:

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This event has a giveaway on it for 2 $35.00 gift certificates from the always incredible Fat Quarter Shop. The giveaway will run from March 15, to March 20, 2019. Marian will announce the winner on March 21. Do stop in to each of the stops on the Hop. I’m sure you will enjoy the projects each of these artisans have been busy creating for your enjoyment.

Stop by my blog on March 19 to see what I have been up to. It just might make you smile as it did me! 😄 Carol

March OMG

Can you believe it’s March already? The month of Leprechauns and sweet new green shoots starting to appear. Spring always makes me smile and just get happy! This one is coming in like a lion with bitter cold days interspersed with snowy ones! Global Warming, you say?

This months OMG List is a manageable one:

1. Finish sweet Levi’s Quilt. It just needs to be quilted. Get it off in the mail to his Mommy. Finished and Mailed!

2. Duplicate Levi’s quilt and mail it to his Daddy. This way there will be great gramma quilts at both households! Finished and Mailed!

3. Pick the fabric and pattern for my Sweet Charlotte’s Blue Quilt. Cut all fabrics and store in project bag ready to start once my UFO’s and surgery are done. Fabric pulled and put in pouch.

4. Pick the fabric and pattern for Ruby’s first Big Girl Bed Quilt with her favorite pink and orange colors. Cut fabrics and store in project pouch with pattern.Fabric pulled and put in pouch.

5. Get started on making some aprons for Christmas presents for the girls. Fabric pulled and one apron cut out.

6. Start knitting some socks, toe up, two at a time. Steep learning curve here! This heel turn has me a bit confused,but once I am doing it, it should make sense? Not Started

7. Knit a pair of slippers. Not started.

See? Manageable! lol

Have a great week and thank you for stopping by to read my blog 🤪 Carol



February Block Count, UFO’s and Finishes

It was not a great month for sewing with so many doctor’s appointments and tests for DH and myself both. I was also trying to unpack, sort and set up our cute little apartment. I did become obsessed with checking emails and Facebook for pictures and updates on Ryan’s expected little one. It was also so exciting to welcome little Levi in to our family! My third great grandchild is a charmer; so sweet and cuddly!

Levi’s quilt which needed more blocks is not quite done. Label and binding need to be completed.

I did finish the sweaters for Charlotte and Ruby. I even remembered to get photos before I mailed the package! They are done in wools the girls picked out.

I did a proof read on a new pattern for Cindy Straub at Quilt Doodle Designs. She designed a Snowmen Snow Globe BOM for Marcus Fabrics Primo Plaid Flannels New Blues Collection. It’s so sweet!

I started and finished a project for an upcoming blog hop being hosted by Marian at Seams to be Sew. Of course I can’t show the completed project, but can give you a preview of a pile of flannel goodness from the scrap bin!

Four more project pouches finished. These ones have a zipper instead of a Velcro closure tab. I need to quit making pouches now. I have a pile of them sitting here and keep pulling fabrics to put in them to start new quilts. I must keep reminding myself; UFO’s need to be done before I start any new projects!

My count for the month;

8 more blocks made for Levi’s quilt.

18 Disappearing 9 Patch blocks (finished at 13″) which were subsequently finished as a raggedy quilt for a neighbours little girl due to arrive next week. It’s washed and dried and ever so cuddly.

4 more supersized crazy blocks which became the back panels for my project pouches.

February total: 30 more blocks.

YTD totals:

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Qwilt Qwazy Queens

Marian at Seams to be Sew is hosting another of her great blog Hops in March. I’ve been following the Hops she hosts and having so much fun doing some of the blocks and rows for the row alongs. Her bloggers always have the most inspiring posts and such great eye candy.

So I decided to jump in and see what fun project I can come up with. It seems to be just the thing to pick up everyone’s spirits at the hopefully soon to be end of winter. I’m not sure if everyone else is ready for winter to be over, but I know I am!

I will keep you posted as soon as more information is ready to be posted; who’s participating, sponsors, sneak peaks, etc.

Have fun this week and do get some time to play with fabric. I am and I will have some completed projects to share this week! 😄 Carol


Proofreading and Testing

I have discovered over the past couple of years that I love to pattern test or proofread patterns for other designers. It not only gives me a deadline to do a project, but can help me stretch my skills or learn new ways to do different techniques. As a quilter I love piecing and paper piecing; both EPP and PP. I am improving my Appliqué techniques but haven’t decided if turning or raw edge is my favourite. It’s just too much fun, in my opinion to help other designers finish their tests and get them published.

Cindy Staub of Quilt Doodle Designs recently asked for proofreaders to proof her Snowmen Snow Globe Block of the Month. I volunteered and must say it is a fun, sweet Christmas or winter quilt. This was done with Marcus Fabrics Primo Plaid Flannels New Blues Collection. Isn’t it incredibly beautiful? I’m adding a link below for the Marcus Fabrics page which gives all of the details regarding this BOM including the list of the participating retailers where you can get the BOM.

If you only do one BOM this year, this is the one! It’s beautiful and the pattern is very well written and easy to follow.

Posting links to:

Quilt Doodle Designs blog https://quiltdoodledesigns.blogspot.com/.

Marcus Fabrics BOM page http://www.marcusfabrics.com/bom/

Have fun fondling fabric and enjoy your week! 😄 Carol

Valentines Week News and Updates

So how was your Valentine’s Day? Happy? Fun? Relaxed? Romantic? I can only hope it was all of those and more!

My day was filled with pictures of some very special granddaughters;

Sweet, sweet Charlotte, and our Ruby,

My Valentines Day was the start of another adventure. I’m sure I might have mentioned my shoulder has been bothering me for awhile. I try not to be a whiny old lady, but it was bad and my doctor has been doing various tests to see what is going on. When I went to the doctor to get the results it wasn’t quite what I had expected. Somehow I managed to tear three ligaments in my shoulder. One is severed and the others have tears 5 and 10 cm long. It required surgery ASAP. Luckily my doctors says I am a “young” old lady and active enough that it’s likely the surgeon will agree to doing the repair.

Of course all of this news started my chest thumping. So I also let the office with a prescription for nitro glycerin spray (which I haven’t had to use for several years) to go to the hospital for X-rays, an ECG and blood work.

Poor DH is having a rough time worrying about me. I’m never sick and never have issues so it’s a switch for us. We think that trying to deal with the fundraising, his treatment, moving and then having to get ready to move again, resettle in and his family that my stress level has just been too high this past 6 or 8 months.

Friday I had a follow up appointment with my doctor. He is concerned that I haven’t heard from the surgeon or cardiologist so if I haven’t had appointments booked by Wednesday then I am to call him. I also have to see a couple of other doctors; gynecologist and possibly oncologist. Something showed in my blood that Dr Murray is concerned about and my yearly checkup shows some issues as well. I left the doctors office and had a cigarette. The first in a week and a half. Here I was getting excited to be able to announce an anniversary (eg 2 weeks no smokes) but then thought that not smoking my 4 cigarettes a day really isn’t a big deal. I asked DH if he is ready to trade me in yet since I seem to be falling apart! Luckily he says he still thinks I’m a keeper.

On another note, we have raised almost $6,000.00 of the $30,000.00 we need for his treatment. That’s really good for a week and a half of fundraising. We also might have the property sale finalized in the next week or so. . In that case, we might have another $10,000.00 of the required funds when all is said and done and the lawyer is paid.

Yesterday was a teaching day at my last Guild. I got there an hour before anybody and had everything set up when people started arriving. All of a sudden my nose started running and I was coughing and wheezing! I have never had a cold come on that suddenly. Since one of my quilters has just completed cancer treatments, I thought it would be best if I left and didn’t pass on any germs. I asked Helen to either teach my class or teach one of her newly learned techniques and just came home. I’ve been in bed ever since and have used a whole box of Kleenex! It’s almost funny how fast this came on! The rest of my long weekend will likely be spent in bed. I might watch some tv, but think it more likely that sleeping and reading will be at the top of my agenda.

Me with my snuffly nose ;

It has been a week of highs and lows for sure! A great grandson arrived, a grandson turned 2, a granddaughter turned 11 and my body has decided I need to slow down a bit and act like a great grandmother; older than dirt my granddaughter says. The weather has changed again to snow melting mode. I can even see blue skies from our bedroom window.

Delaney is growing too fast;

Fynn is such a charmer;

My life is full of moments, both good and sad. I can only believe that tomorrow will be a good day filled with laughter and fun. Who knows, perhaps even some time with a sewing machine and fabric might be managed? Have a great week everyone. Thanks for checking in. 🤪 Carol

Introducing Our Sweet Levi

Finally this little man was brought into our world at 9:20 this morning. Isn’t he just the cutest little bundle of joy? The doctors had warned us the little man would only be about 5 lbs. Boy were they wrong! He weighed in at 7 lbs 9 ozs. His sweet momma was a real trooper this week. She had been induced 4 times, but Levi was having none of it. He was determined to come when he was ready. Ang went in to labour yesterday morning. After an issue in the labour room the doctors decided a C Section was necessary. A few minutes later this sweet boy was born. I confess to shedding a few tears. Levi looked identical to his Daddy when he was born. I was lucky enough to have been my daughter’s coach when she had her son.

Now this old Nana has to get her butt in gear and make the label for our sweet new additions quilt. I did finish the extra blocks I needed and can now finish it up!

Doing the happy dance today, counting our blessings and wishing I was there to cuddle this sweet baby. Guess my daughter will have to get extra snuggles for both of us!

Wishing you all a day full of smiles and snuggle time with someone you 💕! Carol 😍

Happy Monday

What a whirlwind few days we’ve had!

I haven’t had a chance to make the three additional blocks I need for Levi, my on his way now, third great grandchild. They are at the hospital now and the waiting has begun! And yes, it was slipped that baby is a boy and his first name will be Levi! How sweet is that?

I’m trying to get my new to me sewing table in to the apartment to get my machine set up but my shoulder is just not cooperating today. One of my Guild members was rehousing it and I think the Janome Skyline 3 will fit in it. If not then Suzy, my ancient Janome will.

It’s funny how much I love the old girl! She just keeps plugging away and I couldn’t begin to count how many blocks and quilts that girl has made! I did take her in for a check up since during her last work binge i heard the most awful PING and she just quit sewing. The machine doctor worked his magic. Turns out she had a cracked faceplate and the spring under the bobbin was twisted. The good news is that it was only a $125.00 fix complete with servicing and a new bulb which burnt out as he was putting her back together. I will be picking her up this week finally if our schedule allows and bringing my old girl home where she belongs. I love her because she is lighter and easier for me to take to classes.

I think I have just been holding the iPad too long over the past 4 days so my shoulder has flared up! It will be good to go to the doctor on Wednesday and see if anything showed up on the ultrasound and what can be done to fix it. Fingers crossed it just needs a shot of cortisone!

DH’s daughter and son have started an on line fundraiser to help with getting the money together for his treatment. We are so touched by the support of our family and friends that are helping out, by donating or sharing the post. In just 4 days we have raised almost 1/8 of the money we need to cover the cost of the treatment. I will confess here that I have been shedding more than a few tears over the generosity of our community.

.Charly and Tom’s Fundraiser for Bob (aka Knobbo)

On another note it was a busy weekend at our Guild

Kathy Provan from Sew Much More in New Denver https://sewmuchmoreyarn.com/ put on an apron class for some of our Guild members. It so funny because I could have looked at the fabric each person had picked out and known whose it was. We do each have our favourite palette’s, don’t we?

On Saturday my Quilters arrived en masse! It was the first time all 12 people showed up! Usually there are only 6 or 7, but the stars aligned and creativity abounded! Suzy finished piecing the top and back of a sweet wall hanging that she is going to hang covering a pass through. She even got it sandwiched and quilted. I hope to see it before she hangs it. Brenda and Lori are working away on long cabin blocks. Lois finished another sweet quillow. Monique was playing with her new Go Baby from Accuquilt, checking out which of my dies will fit hers (I have a Go Cutter) and then working on charm pinwheel blocks to make a carrying bag for her strip dies. Marcy worked on her apron since she had to miss Kathy’s class. She finished it, too! Jane was putting her Star quilt top together. Irme finished her Pajama pants and made a bag. We are really proud of her. She has never sewn by machine before. She inherited a sweet older Bernina and is completely taken with the idea of learning to use it. Traci’s another never learned to sew young lady that has joined our Guild to learn the basics. After she spent the day with us, she left early enough to make her way to Sew Much More on a FART. That makes for three new addicts we have created this year! mwahah Donna popped in but was only able to stay for a while. She finished the binding on another sweet quilt for a grandchild. Helen had brought her quilt to work on, but was so busy coaching Irme and visiting (we also were short of space because of the turnout) so she worked on her runner instead. She has a tradition that she uses the leftover fabrics from every quilt to make a runner which she keeps as a memento of her projects. She also has the best quilting journal and is training our group to do the same. My sweet Randall came to get some advice and help with pulling fabrics for the class Claire is hosting over the next two weeks. They will be doing a Round the World Quilt in a lap size. Such a fun project and Claire is an amazing teacher. We do have an incredible group. Our Guild members are so talented! Basketmakers, weavers, spinners, filters, hookers,…………….the list goes on and on!

Sunday we had our monthly Guild meeting. There were over 40 members attending. Oh the treasures they brought to share. Our Bring and Brag is always an inspiring afternoon.

Today was a quiet day. More hours on the iPad. So far no time to sew, but I did get laundry and housework finished. Perhaps after I make dinner I might time for fabric fondling. I hope your days have been filled with good times with family and fun times doing something you love! 😄 Carol. Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long missive!

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