Qwilt Qwazy Queens

Marian at Seams to be Sew is hosting another of her great blog Hops in March. I’ve been following the Hops she hosts and having so much fun doing some of the blocks and rows for the row alongs. Her bloggers always have the most inspiring posts and such great eye candy.

So I decided to jump in and see what fun project I can come up with. It seems to be just the thing to pick up everyone’s spirits at the hopefully soon to be end of winter. I’m not sure if everyone else is ready for winter to be over, but I know I am!

I will keep you posted as soon as more information is ready to be posted; who’s participating, sponsors, sneak peaks, etc.

Have fun this week and do get some time to play with fabric. I am and I will have some completed projects to share this week! 😄 Carol


Proofreading and Testing

I have discovered over the past couple of years that I love to pattern test or proofread patterns for other designers. It not only gives me a deadline to do a project, but can help me stretch my skills or learn new ways to do different techniques. As a quilter I love piecing and paper piecing; both EPP and PP. I am improving my Appliqué techniques but haven’t decided if turning or raw edge is my favourite. It’s just too much fun, in my opinion to help other designers finish their tests and get them published.

Cindy Staub of Quilt Doodle Designs recently asked for proofreaders to proof her Snowmen Snow Globe Block of the Month. I volunteered and must say it is a fun, sweet Christmas or winter quilt. This was done with Marcus Fabrics Primo Plaid Flannels New Blues Collection. Isn’t it incredibly beautiful? I’m adding a link below for the Marcus Fabrics page which gives all of the details regarding this BOM including the list of the participating retailers where you can get the BOM.

If you only do one BOM this year, this is the one! It’s beautiful and the pattern is very well written and easy to follow.

Posting links to:

Quilt Doodle Designs blog https://quiltdoodledesigns.blogspot.com/.

Marcus Fabrics BOM page http://www.marcusfabrics.com/bom/

Have fun fondling fabric and enjoy your week! 😄 Carol

Valentines Week News and Updates

So how was your Valentine’s Day? Happy? Fun? Relaxed? Romantic? I can only hope it was all of those and more!

My day was filled with pictures of some very special granddaughters;

Sweet, sweet Charlotte, and our Ruby,

My Valentines Day was the start of another adventure. I’m sure I might have mentioned my shoulder has been bothering me for awhile. I try not to be a whiny old lady, but it was bad and my doctor has been doing various tests to see what is going on. When I went to the doctor to get the results it wasn’t quite what I had expected. Somehow I managed to tear three ligaments in my shoulder. One is severed and the others have tears 5 and 10 cm long. It required surgery ASAP. Luckily my doctors says I am a “young” old lady and active enough that it’s likely the surgeon will agree to doing the repair.

Of course all of this news started my chest thumping. So I also let the office with a prescription for nitro glycerin spray (which I haven’t had to use for several years) to go to the hospital for X-rays, an ECG and blood work.

Poor DH is having a rough time worrying about me. I’m never sick and never have issues so it’s a switch for us. We think that trying to deal with the fundraising, his treatment, moving and then having to get ready to move again, resettle in and his family that my stress level has just been too high this past 6 or 8 months.

Friday I had a follow up appointment with my doctor. He is concerned that I haven’t heard from the surgeon or cardiologist so if I haven’t had appointments booked by Wednesday then I am to call him. I also have to see a couple of other doctors; gynecologist and possibly oncologist. Something showed in my blood that Dr Murray is concerned about and my yearly checkup shows some issues as well. I left the doctors office and had a cigarette. The first in a week and a half. Here I was getting excited to be able to announce an anniversary (eg 2 weeks no smokes) but then thought that not smoking my 4 cigarettes a day really isn’t a big deal. I asked DH if he is ready to trade me in yet since I seem to be falling apart! Luckily he says he still thinks I’m a keeper.

On another note, we have raised almost $6,000.00 of the $30,000.00 we need for his treatment. That’s really good for a week and a half of fundraising. We also might have the property sale finalized in the next week or so. . In that case, we might have another $10,000.00 of the required funds when all is said and done and the lawyer is paid.

Yesterday was a teaching day at my last Guild. I got there an hour before anybody and had everything set up when people started arriving. All of a sudden my nose started running and I was coughing and wheezing! I have never had a cold come on that suddenly. Since one of my quilters has just completed cancer treatments, I thought it would be best if I left and didn’t pass on any germs. I asked Helen to either teach my class or teach one of her newly learned techniques and just came home. I’ve been in bed ever since and have used a whole box of Kleenex! It’s almost funny how fast this came on! The rest of my long weekend will likely be spent in bed. I might watch some tv, but think it more likely that sleeping and reading will be at the top of my agenda.

Me with my snuffly nose ;

It has been a week of highs and lows for sure! A great grandson arrived, a grandson turned 2, a granddaughter turned 11 and my body has decided I need to slow down a bit and act like a great grandmother; older than dirt my granddaughter says. The weather has changed again to snow melting mode. I can even see blue skies from our bedroom window.

Delaney is growing too fast;

Fynn is such a charmer;

My life is full of moments, both good and sad. I can only believe that tomorrow will be a good day filled with laughter and fun. Who knows, perhaps even some time with a sewing machine and fabric might be managed? Have a great week everyone. Thanks for checking in. 🤪 Carol

Introducing Our Sweet Levi

Finally this little man was brought into our world at 9:20 this morning. Isn’t he just the cutest little bundle of joy? The doctors had warned us the little man would only be about 5 lbs. Boy were they wrong! He weighed in at 7 lbs 9 ozs. His sweet momma was a real trooper this week. She had been induced 4 times, but Levi was having none of it. He was determined to come when he was ready. Ang went in to labour yesterday morning. After an issue in the labour room the doctors decided a C Section was necessary. A few minutes later this sweet boy was born. I confess to shedding a few tears. Levi looked identical to his Daddy when he was born. I was lucky enough to have been my daughter’s coach when she had her son.

Now this old Nana has to get her butt in gear and make the label for our sweet new additions quilt. I did finish the extra blocks I needed and can now finish it up!

Doing the happy dance today, counting our blessings and wishing I was there to cuddle this sweet baby. Guess my daughter will have to get extra snuggles for both of us!

Wishing you all a day full of smiles and snuggle time with someone you 💕! Carol 😍

Happy Monday

What a whirlwind few days we’ve had!

I haven’t had a chance to make the three additional blocks I need for Levi, my on his way now, third great grandchild. They are at the hospital now and the waiting has begun! And yes, it was slipped that baby is a boy and his first name will be Levi! How sweet is that?

I’m trying to get my new to me sewing table in to the apartment to get my machine set up but my shoulder is just not cooperating today. One of my Guild members was rehousing it and I think the Janome Skyline 3 will fit in it. If not then Suzy, my ancient Janome will.

It’s funny how much I love the old girl! She just keeps plugging away and I couldn’t begin to count how many blocks and quilts that girl has made! I did take her in for a check up since during her last work binge i heard the most awful PING and she just quit sewing. The machine doctor worked his magic. Turns out she had a cracked faceplate and the spring under the bobbin was twisted. The good news is that it was only a $125.00 fix complete with servicing and a new bulb which burnt out as he was putting her back together. I will be picking her up this week finally if our schedule allows and bringing my old girl home where she belongs. I love her because she is lighter and easier for me to take to classes.

I think I have just been holding the iPad too long over the past 4 days so my shoulder has flared up! It will be good to go to the doctor on Wednesday and see if anything showed up on the ultrasound and what can be done to fix it. Fingers crossed it just needs a shot of cortisone!

DH’s daughter and son have started an on line fundraiser to help with getting the money together for his treatment. We are so touched by the support of our family and friends that are helping out, by donating or sharing the post. In just 4 days we have raised almost 1/8 of the money we need to cover the cost of the treatment. I will confess here that I have been shedding more than a few tears over the generosity of our community.

.Charly and Tom’s Fundraiser for Bob (aka Knobbo)

On another note it was a busy weekend at our Guild

Kathy Provan from Sew Much More in New Denver https://sewmuchmoreyarn.com/ put on an apron class for some of our Guild members. It so funny because I could have looked at the fabric each person had picked out and known whose it was. We do each have our favourite palette’s, don’t we?

On Saturday my Quilters arrived en masse! It was the first time all 12 people showed up! Usually there are only 6 or 7, but the stars aligned and creativity abounded! Suzy finished piecing the top and back of a sweet wall hanging that she is going to hang covering a pass through. She even got it sandwiched and quilted. I hope to see it before she hangs it. Brenda and Lori are working away on long cabin blocks. Lois finished another sweet quillow. Monique was playing with her new Go Baby from Accuquilt, checking out which of my dies will fit hers (I have a Go Cutter) and then working on charm pinwheel blocks to make a carrying bag for her strip dies. Marcy worked on her apron since she had to miss Kathy’s class. She finished it, too! Jane was putting her Star quilt top together. Irme finished her Pajama pants and made a bag. We are really proud of her. She has never sewn by machine before. She inherited a sweet older Bernina and is completely taken with the idea of learning to use it. Traci’s another never learned to sew young lady that has joined our Guild to learn the basics. After she spent the day with us, she left early enough to make her way to Sew Much More on a FART. That makes for three new addicts we have created this year! mwahah Donna popped in but was only able to stay for a while. She finished the binding on another sweet quilt for a grandchild. Helen had brought her quilt to work on, but was so busy coaching Irme and visiting (we also were short of space because of the turnout) so she worked on her runner instead. She has a tradition that she uses the leftover fabrics from every quilt to make a runner which she keeps as a memento of her projects. She also has the best quilting journal and is training our group to do the same. My sweet Randall came to get some advice and help with pulling fabrics for the class Claire is hosting over the next two weeks. They will be doing a Round the World Quilt in a lap size. Such a fun project and Claire is an amazing teacher. We do have an incredible group. Our Guild members are so talented! Basketmakers, weavers, spinners, filters, hookers,…………….the list goes on and on!

Sunday we had our monthly Guild meeting. There were over 40 members attending. Oh the treasures they brought to share. Our Bring and Brag is always an inspiring afternoon.

Today was a quiet day. More hours on the iPad. So far no time to sew, but I did get laundry and housework finished. Perhaps after I make dinner I might time for fabric fondling. I hope your days have been filled with good times with family and fun times doing something you love! 😄 Carol. Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long missive!

Life Takes Another Turn

The exercise regime that DH and his doctors and therapists have settled on for the next two weeks is having great results. He is walking better, his shoulders are almost level and his range of motion is increasing. Yesterday he reached the point where he was able to do a full hour of activity without being laid up. Progress is being made! It’s funny how the thought of having a “normal” life with decreased pain is working so well to get him up and working so hard at getting more mobile.

I have been laid up since we got back from Vancouver with a non functioning shoulder and several trips to Nelson to deal with doctor’s appointments for both DH and myself. X rays didn’t show anything but after an hour with the ultrasound tech and a consultation with the second on duty tech, I might get some answers to why it’s not working correctly and I’m in constant pain. I thought when it first started that it was due to the move but it might be a bit more than that. I have an appointment next week to get the results and discuss next steps with the doctor. I’m sure it’ll just require a shot of cortisone or some such minor thing. Then I will be good to get on with life and finish getting us settled in to our new home. All I know is this shoulder is interfering with my goals to get some quilting finished!

I laid out the quilt yesterday for my newest great grandchild. After checking the layout, I decided I need to make a few more blocks to cut up for spacers in between the baby animal blocks. I will try to get to them this afternoon. The borders are ready to go on but I think this quilt needs to be a bit bigger!

First, though, I need to work on the Fundraiser that DH’s daughter has set up for his required treatment.



My heart is so full of gratitude for the help we are receiving to get this life altering treatment.

Then I will try to do some sewing on this very special quilt. Apparently labour has be under and this sweet baby is on the way! Nana needs to get the quilt finished so all I have to do is the label.

Thank you for checking in. I hope your week is going well and you are doing some fabric fondling or any other activity that brings you joy! 😄 Carol

Storm at Sea

Did any of you follow the Getaway Blog Hop sponsored by Island Batiks and hosted by all of the Island Batik Ambassadors?

I have and have been absolutely blown away by so many creative and inspirational people.

For several years I have been wanting to create a Storm at Sea quilt. The movement and intricate piecing are on my Have To Do List. Then I saw Carole Lyles Shaw’s modified version of the Storm at Sea. It is so incredibly vibrant and just sings to me with the color and movement. I love Batiks and Island Batiks are a favourite of mine.


So it’s official! I am adding this to my 2019 List and have put aside one of my vinyl pouches to fill with fabrics from my stash to do the Storm at Sea. As soon as I have 3 more projects off my UFO and WIP lists I have given myself permission to start one more project.

The quilt will be made entirely with stash fabrics since I am on a fabric diet to save the money we need for DH’s treatment. It looks like we will be ready to go in April if all goes according to plan. DH’s doctors, physiotherapist and kinesiologist are all on board and working together to get him ready. We do have a side trip to Kelowna to the MS Clinic at the end of this month as well. I’m hoping we can make it for a 3 or 4 day trip and get a good visit in with Dee and Kenny. It has nothing to do with play time with fabric in Dee’s studio and everything to do with spending time with my dearest friends! Right?

Then I am going to do the Hunter Star after I get another 3 off my list. I have decided this is the year to get down to 0 UFO’s and challenge myself to do the must do quilts. I’m thinking purples and blues with a white background? Perhaps orange and red? We will see what the stash inspires!

I have already started my Kaleidoscope Quilt since it was going to be hand pieced. I have decided instead to paper piece it and have my templates ready to go. Fabrics are already pulled and in their bin. Since so much of this quilt will be fussy cut, I had to dedicate a bin for the fabric.

My first priority is the the baby quilt though. #3 great grandchild is due this week and the flimsy is almost done. I had to unpick some of it. I just wasn’t happy with the block placement. It was perfect when I laid it out but some blocks got moved either when I was putting it together or when I took it off my design wall. The adjustments will get done at the end of the week after DH and I have dealt with doctors appointments and tests.

Monday through Wednesday are tied up with travel and appointments. Between us we have 7 appointments in 2 different cities/directions. I dislike all of this travel with the weather we are having; bitter cold one day, heavy snow and winds the next and then rainy days in between. I admit I am ready for winter to be over!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is full of fabric fun! Keep smiling and find a reason to laugh! 🤪 Carol

One Monthly Goal

I was able to meet my January goal of getting some bags and pouches done to get myself organized. I also got caught up with my Quiltville Good Fortune Mystery Quilt.

Can I do the same in February? I do have several town trips for doctors appointments and a trip to Kelowna for the MS Clinic checkup for DH. I am also trying to unpack and get settled in our home.

I think I can because my biggest goal is to get the quilt done for my grandson’s first child. This third great grandchild is due February 6 so I will be able to get the flimsy finished this week and get it layered and quilted. Then I just have to wait for Baby’s arrival to make the label and bind the quilt. See? Easy Peasy!

Aren’t these just the most adorable fabrics for a sweet baby quilt?

I think I can because my biggest goal is to get the quilt done for my grandson’s first child. This third great grandchild is due February 6 so I will be able to get the flimsy finished this week and get it layered and quilted. Then I just have to wait for Baby’s arrival to make the label and bind the quilt. See? Easy Peasy!

Everything is cut and batting and backing is there, too; all together in one of my new vinyl windowed pouches; ready to sew! Sew much fun to be so organized!

The rest of the month will be finishing up some buttons on my granddaughters sweaters (more finishes from my UFO and WIP List for 2019): once my sewing space is organized I will figure out if I can get any other projects finished. Maybe I will makes my felted slippers? Both knitted and not knitted. I have found the wool for it.

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February Has Arrived!

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you all a week full of fabric fondling and fun! 😄 Carol

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January UFO & WIP Link Up

Today I am pleased to be able to link up with Julie’s link up on the Crafty Quilter blog.

I managed to finish 3 more project bags to get myself organized in spite of having to make an unplanned trip to Vancouver, British Columbia to see about a life altering treatment for DH. I know, right?!? Priorities!

Luckily I had finished one bag to take some handwork with me to audition fabric and design for a hand pieced Kaleidoscope Quilt.

My bag for hand piecing work; holds fabric, cutting mat, rotary cutter, templates, pins, etc,

Then I managed to make some vinyl windowed pouch bags to hold fabrics, patterns, and notions for projects. One complete project can be neatly organized in a pouch. Can you say LOVE?

Completed window bags with mini vinyl pocket for labels.

Both of these different bags were made with scraps and leftovers from my stash. I have oodles of zippers, vinyl, batting scraps and like everyone else……scraps and strings. It was fun to play with the strings and not have a pattern in mind and I love the Velcro closures to keep it all contained. I did audition one pouch with my blocks, batting, thread and backing fabric for the quilt that just needs to be finished for my third great grandchild who is due to arrive in 2 weeks. It all fit quite nicely. I will be making a couple more of these pouches that are larger or perhaps 2 sided for my larger projects.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you all have had time to fondle fabric or play in your stashes! 😄 Carol Andrews

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A Dreami Attack

Earlier this month I was doing another unpack and purge of my boxes and bins from our storage room knowing that we will be moving again in March and trying to get ready for a trip to Vancouver to see some doctors at a new Clinic for my hubby. While I was doing that I was thinking about being able to take something with me to work on in between seeing the doctors and waiting for tests.

I have been wanting to make a bag that could keep my supplies together neatly so while I was working, I came up with a sort of design to be able to take all of my supplies with me in one bag. Out came fabric, vinyl, batting, thread, my small mat and all of the supplies I would need to fit in one bag.

I started measuring and cutting, sewing and fitting.

The first design is done; binding and all.

First attempt at my craft Bag!

Complete with supplies for my hand pieced Kaleidoscope Quilt!

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Had to Join the Elves!


While surfing and reading blogs this morning, I came across this! What a fun idea to keep on track for a fun and stress free Christmas. It also works hand in hand with my 2019 Plan to get my UFO List down to nothing and my Projects To Do List done.

I’m in for sure!

😄 Carol


We got home Tuesday night after a fairly stress free trip. I managed to stay ahead of the snowstorm that was forecast. It was good driving with only one bad stretch with slush and snow through the pass on the Paulson. I think we were both in bed by 8:30!

The next morning we had to be on the road by 8:00 to get to Nelson to see DH’s doctor at 9:00. The snow had caught up with us and fallen pretty heavy during the night. We had a good appointment with the doctor and have set up a plan of action.

As you can see from the photos we do enjoy life and believe a sense of fun and adventure is a necessity!

Basically it boils down to three things:

1. Work on DH’s physical strength and stamina. To do the treatment he has to be able to do 3 – 1 1/2 stretches of physical activity without pain flare ups six days a week. Luckily his doctor and the physical therapist in her office are on board and ready to work with him. We think a combination of walking, kinesiology, yoga and stretching/strengthening exercises will have him ready by March. The treatment has been proven to improve patients conditions with neuropathic disorders. In America they are using the treatment for soldiers with PTSD. They have also had credible results with patients who have been in accidents and had brain injuries. The videos and interviews on both American and Canadian tv have been very positive. Montel Williams has MS and speaks very highly of the results he has had using the PONS machine. He believes in the treatment and results strongly enough that he bought in to the company. There is discussion that the treatment could have effective results for patients with other neuropathic diseases (eg Parkinsons). From all of the research I have done and read it should be effective for my DH. The improvement is physical, physiology and cognitive ability has been noticeable. Montel Williams claims that he was using canes regularly and is now snowboarding in the back country. One woman went from a wheelchair to running marathons and playing golf again. Maybe I’m crazy, but the $30,000.00 price tag for Hope seems reasonable. So everything of value is listed on different sites for sale. The lawyer knows to get this deal settled and I am trying to figure out how to save each and every penny we have. As I keep saying; life is an adventure and we never know what challenges we will need to meet! As DH says “onward and upward” to the top of the challenge.

2. We have to get $30,000.00 to pay for the treatment in to the bank by March and enough money to house and feed us for 14 weeks in Vancouver while the main treatment is happening. That could be pricey since Vancouver has a severe shortage of rentals but we might find something on Air BnB. We will have about half of this if we ever get the house deal done. Our other option is to move to Vancouver while the treatment is going on. This might be reasonable since we will also have to do follow up appointments as well after the intense training. Neither of us is keen on this idea since we do not enjoy being in the city. DH has been here in the Slocan Valley for 35 years. His friends and “community” are all here as well as the golf course he helped build. As for me I do not like driving in the city and while my quilting community is here, my kids, grandkids and great grandkids are in Alberta so I know I can find a community wherever I am. This will take more thought and discussion to resolve.

3. We do need to make the decision about housing soon. Our lease here ends March 15 and is not renewable. The Golf Course rents the suite on Air BnB in the summer season and already has bookings for March just after we move out. We might have an option since we learned of a place just being built that DH knows well. He knows the young man building the place (and his quality of work). DH says it is likely up to his standard of building. Apparently the property is on the sunny side of the valley so that could be nice. We will be looking at it tomorrow.

So there is the update. Sorry it took so long to write but I really needed time to absorb all of the information, consult with DH’s doctor and physiotherapist to formulate a plan. Now we are good to go and will keep you posted. Who knows? Yoga might be good for both of us to learn! I do Tai Chi but only tried yoga once. I had issues with my heart so never did keep up with it.

Hope you week is going as well as mine and you have had time to do something you love! 😉 Carol

More Project Bags Done!

I managed to finish 2 more vinyl windowed pouches on Friday before I had to pack for our Vancouver trip.

I started with 3 – 14.5” x 22” pieces of muslin to make my outside blocks.  I did two with strings and one in a wonky block format.  It was fun to just be impetuous and put them together in no unplanned way.


I had fun with the Tula Pink scraps and absolutely love the blue and brown scrappy strings together.

Once the outside pieces were finished, I sandwiched them with a wool/cotton batting and my inside fabric panel.  I then did some in the ditch quilting on the blocks with a neutral beige thread in both the top and the bobbin.

I put a binding strip on the top side of the vinyl and then added the vinyl to the sandwich using my clips.

I used a 2” binding and once it was pressed in half, used more clips to add it to my sandwich.  I sewed the binding to the inside of the pouch and trimmed my corners.  When the binding was flipped over to the outside I machine stitched it down, metering the corners.

I then then added a clear vinyl window pocket to put my project label info in.

I’m happy to get more projects finished.  This quarter should be a productive one!

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Have a great week doing things you love!  😄 Carol

The Next Adventure Begins

Well, we made it to Vancouver today after leaving home yesterday. The trip over the Blueberry Paulson was rough with a lot of snow and very slushy roads. DH took a turn at driving after we got on to clear roads. I took over again at Rock Creek. Just after I started driving the weather turned and we hit fog like I haven’t seen in years! At times I was down to 30 kilometres an hour so I could see. The other drivers were great and had their headlights on as well so there were no oncoming surprises. I stopped in Princeton since it was getting dark and DH was done.

Neither of us slept well. I think it was just the fact we are going to the clinic tomorrow and will have some of the million questions answered and find out if this treatment will help him. The other reason is DH left his sleeping meds at home. My fault I guess! I should have double checked his meds once I got our bags packed.

We made it to Vancouver after stopping in Chilliwack and getting the pharmacy to dispense an emergency supply of meds to last until we get home. After we got checked in to our hotel I went for a swim and then walked on the treadmill for half an hour. I admit to having a twenty minute nap before we showered and went for dinner.

Our evening consisted of watching a football game (I was knitting) and then crawling in to bed to check emails.

I’m sure we will both sleep tonight, but do hope to stay awake long enough to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon tonight. Just a quick update. We got dressed and went outside to see if we could see the moon. The eclipse is more than halfway but no red color yet! I tried to take a picture with my phone but it didn’t turn out. It just looks like a full moon. 🥴

Thanks for checking in and I’ll keep you posted after our big adventure tomorrow. 😴 Carol


This week I have been working on a couple of my Projects on my 2019 To Do List. Due to some upcoming commitments it became urgent to get some finishes done.

The color this month was red and I had already pulled my red scraps and strings to work n Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery QAL so I thought I would combine my To Do List with the RSC color.

I string pieced the back of my pouch, sandwiched it with batting and added my red kerchief fabric for the lining. After constructing my clear pocket by adding 4” binding strips, I put it all together using my wonder clips. Then a binding was put on (2” binding strips) the outside edge of the pouch and a Velcro closure added.

Once it was constructed I tried it out by filling it with the blocks, backing and binding fabric to finish the top for my soon to be born third great grandchild. It fits to perfection!

This bag is approximately 13” square when closed. It will work to organize each of my planned projects. I think these will have to be made in the different colours of the spectrum. I will modify the design a bit by using wider binding strips on the clear window panel and adding a small clear label pouch to the top where the Velcro closure is in order to put a label inside and not have to pin it on.

It was a great week of sewing fun and now I am off to my Guild meeting. Have fun fondling fabric today and enjoy your Sunday. Thank you for stopping by! 😄 Carol

Hope Springs Eternal

I saw that Kim at Persimmon Dreams had a quick Hop going on and decided that I would jump in with a couple of quick projects. I finished up my projects but forgot to account for the different time zones when trying to link up this morning! Good thing I had fun anyhow!

With the move from the house to temporary quarters and another move in March I have limited space and desperately needed to organize myself in order to do some stress free sewing.

DH has to be in Vancouver at the clinic for his initial consultation for the new treatment. That means I needed to get some sewing projects together to take with me. In order to do that I needed to make some project bags.

Off I went! The first bag had to be large enough to carry the fabrics and blocks for a quilt top. In this case I put everything I need to make the quilt for my grandson Ryan’s expected baby. First I string pieced a backing for the bag,sandwiched it with batting and added a kerchief type red print for the lining of my bag. I took my plastic and put wide binding around all 4 sides. Then I assembled it all, added binding to the outside edges and attached my Velcro closure and filled it up with the blocks, fabric and project notes. Once I pinned a note to the front of the bag labelling the contents I was finished the first design for my project bags. I know I need to make more of these!

The second project was made to order to carry my small cutting mat, rotary cutter, templates and the bits of fabrics for my long anticipated Kaleidoscope Quilt which I will be hand piecing. I drafted the pattern first, but kept modifying it as I worked. I guesstimated the size I would need for my outside piece, sandwiched my batting and lining and then started adding pockets. I knew I wanted a zippered pocket to carry my fabric bits and templates so that was the first to be constructed. I added fabric strips to the zipper and attached them to the plastic. Then I added pockets to the other side of the inside piece, making sure to orient them correctly. I wanted the pockets to be right side up when carrying the bag by the handles which were constructed and pinned to the outside next. i added a flap with Velcro to the top of the open pocket. To assemble the bag I put my binding on the whole thing. All in all I am satisfied with the basic construction of this bag. I didn’t take pictures asI worked since I knew this prototype would be modified before I finish the instructions to be able to teach this project in a class at my local Guild eventually. I filled the pockets with my small cutting mat, 6 1/2″ square ruler, template plastic, rotary cutter and fabrics for my hand-piecing project. Next one I make will have 2 zippered pockets and possibly a second layer of compartments to carry my knitting supplies for the endless pairs of socks and sweaters my grandkids and great grandkids need!

My hope is that by being so organized I will be ready to spend the 12 weeks in Vancouver with DH while he has takes part in this revolutionary treatment which has been having some miraculous results for people with Neuroplasticy Disorders. For those of you who don’t know, DH has MS. His disease is progressive and it is heart wrenching to see the slow descent in to disability. I’m so hoping the treatment will have the results we are anticipating. It will empty the bank account and put us in debt for years to come, since it is not covered by our health care. I just keep asking myself if that matters when there is a possibility to have a healthy, functioning partner who could outlive me post treatment?

That’s my definition of Hope……….the possibility of good health and full mobility for this man that’ll overcome so much. Who knows; I might be able to go back to work if I no longer have to be a full time caregiver?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story of Hope. 😄. Carol


2019 Finish Along

My year has begun with another unpack of my boxes and bins from the storage room to do another sort and purge! Since moving out of the house (3600 sq ft) in October and into a temporary apartment (600 sq ft) I have discovered I don’t have enough space to sort my already put together projects. My first order of business for the year has been to rearrange furniture and my sewing space to make room for a shelving unit to get me a bit more organized. The shelf is ugly but it’s what I had in the storage room and this is only until March when we move again!

So now it’s time to get my first quarter list ready to go since I have already used up most of January getting sorted out and finding what I need.

  1. Make Ruby’s birthday sweater.
  2. Make Charlotte’s birthday sweater.
  3. Make a new bag to carry supplies to class or projects while travelling.
  4. Make some more project bags to get me organized.
  5. Write pattern instructions for Guild classes.
  6. Do Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery QAL.
  7. Make a quilt for my 3rd great grandchild with the Frolic Friends fabric collection.
  8. Pack up and move again!
Good Fortune Mystery

I think the goals are fully attainable. We will see?

Frolic Friends Fabric for Ryan’s Baby, my 3 great grandchild.

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Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

Is a mystery no longer!

Bonnie released the instructions on putting the quilt together and OMG……..it’s a beauty!

I have been busy since we got back from our vacation (I will write about that later) getting the last blocks pieced and then starting to put it all together. I had managed to get some of the chevron blocks opposite to what they needed to be so I quickly pieced some more. It didn’t take me too long.

I should have known that it was just too easy!

I was so pleased with it all coming together so well and had it half done when I realized the mistake I made. Can you see it?

So now I am just going to finish this as my version of the Good Fortune lap quilt and restart again with all new fabrics. (I can’t believe it but I ran out of orange strings). Now that I have seen the finished product, I am imagining it in purple, blue and green or some variation there of.

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I wonder if anyone else got their strings sideways…..


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Good Fortune Part 7

Today was catch up day with Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery QAL. With having been away in America for almost 2 weeks I had gotten behind.

Parts 5, 6 and 7 were on the To Do List for today.

Woo Hoo! I got the piecing done today. Just have to press and trim the blocks tomorrow and then wait for the next clue. This has been a fun adventure so far. I have never done a Mystery QAL before.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you had a chance to fondle fabric or do something you enjoy! 😄 Carol

January One Monthly Goal

So this is the year I am going to work on setting and keeping goals.

For January I am setting 3 goals:

1. Work on getting caught up on the Good Fortune Mystery QAL by Bonnie Hunter. I got behind with taking almost 2 weeks off to go on vacation with DH. Just putting the last border on it!

2. Finish one UFO which is “Homecoming”. I just need to finish the quilting and put on the binding.  This is an error.  Homecoming has been shipped.  This was supposed to be my “Heartwarming Sentiments Quilt” which is pieced and just needs completion.  Homecoming will be updated when I receive the pictures.  No work done on Heartwarming Sentiments since we had take another trip to Vancouver to see about a life altering  treatment for DH.

3. Design and make a new project bag to carry some hand stitching with me while we go to town or on trips to see doctors. Finished a total of 4 bags; Alovely satchel type to carry handwork, and 3 vinyl windowed pouches!  4 more pouches are cut out and ready to be put together.

First pouch already filled with fabric for baby quilt for my third great grandchild.

My bag for handwork complete with several inside pockets, vinyl, fabric, zippered and Velcro tabs.

Inside of handwork project bag

Piecing the outside of the pouches.

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Let’s see how I go with keeping to my plans and not getting sidetracked this year!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope your 2019 is starting off right! Carol 😄

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