Weekly Goals and To-Do Tuesday #93

I’ll be linking up with To-Do Tuesday which is being hosted by Linda from Texas Quilt Gal. Every week I find myself looking forward to seeing what everyone else is working on or have finished.

Last To-Do list:

1. Continue with my scrappy leader/ender project. Some Progress

2. Keep sewing my pieces for my EPP projects. Some progress. 🤔

3. Keep working on the memory quilt. This is being moved down the list/on hold for a bit longer. I’m still waiting for more tshirts to arrive.

4. Finish my project for the Time in a Bottle Blog Hop. Just need to write my post 😄

5. Keep up with the new prompt for the SAHRR.

6. Finish cleaning up my scrap bin and getting everything cut up and put in my scrap savers bins. Almost done!

It seems to be filling up faster than I can get it emptied! 🤔

8. Project Quilting 13.3 Kitchen Influence- can I come up with a good idea?

7. Write my pattern for “Boxed” since I have had several requests for it. Have not had the mental acuity to figure it out yet. 😢

8. Do not let Sam or any other squirrels distract me this week. 🐿 Didn’t happen! Sam decided I needed to do another pattern test which I can’t wait to share. 😉

This week’s goals:

1. Continue with my scrappy leader/ender project.

2. Keep sewing my pieces for my EPP projects.

3. Keep up with the new prompt for the SAHRR. Wendy’s signature block prompt is calling me. 😉

4. Finish cleaning up my scrap bin and getting everything cut up and put in my scrap savers bins

5. Write my pattern for “Boxed” since I have had several requests for it.

6. See if I can keep up with the next Project Quilting Challenge when it comes out on the 13th.

7. Do not let Sam or any other squirrels distract me this week. 🐿

I’m not sure how this next few weeks are going to go. My granddaughter now has her second child ill with Covid and has some issues going on. My daughter is helping her son and DIL with child care in another city since they just moved there. On top of that my friend K. is going in to hospital on Thursday and could be there for 5 days so D. will be needing help. I’m trying to figure out how I can be in 3 places at once and not succeeding very well.

Stitchin’ Time

Kate from Kates Life in Pieces hosts a weekly linky party to help us keep to our goals of stitching every day.

I’m trying for at least 30 minutes a day this year, but also want to at least spend 30 minutes a week tidying up and dealing with scraps.

  • January 31/31
  • this week 7/7
  • This month 6/6
  • Total: 37/37
  • Percentage =100%

To see how our blogging friends are doing check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces

Stash Report:

I like to link with Donna @ Quilt Paint Create to keep track of fabric in and out of my stash.

On Saturday I went on a FART with one of my guild members to meet up with a couple of others at a favourite quilt shop. Our friend had sold her shop to another friend so we had to check out the Grand Opening sale. I actually only went to help one of my quilting group pick out fabrics for a quilt she is going to make for her soon to arrive grand baby. Of course I did need to show some support for the new owner, so I just happened to buy 3 yards of a Moda Grunge that I needed for sashing on a project and somehow a yard of a Tula Pink just happened to hop in my bag as well! 😉.

  • Fabric previous balance: 86 Yards
  • Fabric Used: 1 yards
  • Fabric Bought: 4 yards
  • Balance in stash to use this year: 89 Yards

* my goal is to lessen my stash by 100 yards this year. I haven’t managed to actually figure out how much fabric I really have in my stash so it just seems to be reasonable to set a goal to continue working from my stash.

* any fabric used from the scrap bins, was gifted or a prize; doesn’t count as stash

Quilting Gail is hosting her PHD in 2022 Challenge again this year. 😄

I do enjoy sharing some of your time when you read my posts and reply to each comment. 😄 Carol

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Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Goals and To-Do Tuesday #93

  1. Hi again, Carol! Ooh, that crayon fabric looks SO fun!! I know a few littles that would try to pick those up and color with them, and one would try to eat it. HA! Dang, that is some list. Good luck with it – keeping busy is a good thing. Martha Stewart might say something similar. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Oh my goodness, so sorry about the little one with Covid and issues. 😦 It really is difficult to be 3 places at once. I’ll send positive thoughts for you to figure out a solution, and I’ll pray for your friend K. As I was scrolling through your post I stopped cold on that butterfly fabric (with the crayon fabric). Even wrong side up it’s stunning – what is it? Your SAHRR looks great! I’ll be interested to see how you do the signature block (I cheated – tee-hee!)
    Thanks for linking up with To Do Tuesday. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Linda. Thank you for your prayers. My great grands are feeling much better now and both have tested negative. I’m not sure what the butterfly fabric is because a lot of the 5” squares came from my box. I try to keep my scraps trimmed down to useable squares and strips. I do have an idea for that signature block (finally) but didn’t have time to sew yet. 😉

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