Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

Is a mystery no longer! Bonnie released the instructions on putting the quilt together and OMG……’s a beauty! I have been busy since we got back from our vacation (I will write about that later) getting the last blocks pieced and then starting to put it all together. I had managed to get some ofContinue reading “Good Fortune Mystery Quilt”

Good Fortune Part 7

Today was catch up day with Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery QAL. With having been away in America for almost 2 weeks I had gotten behind. Parts 5, 6 and 7 were on the To Do List for today. Woo Hoo! I got the piecing done today. Just have to press and trim the blocksContinue reading “Good Fortune Part 7”

Happy New Year

I’m hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, great food, fun times and perhaps even some time to fondle fabric. Mine was an unusual one this year. We left home on a rainy, slushy morning and headed to Sandpoint to spend some time with DH’s wonderful sister in law for her birthday.Continue reading “Happy New Year”

Another Gift Done

Had another great day today. Managed to finish one more Christmas present and get bindings done on two mini quilts in between drafting legal documents for the real estate deal. I will post the photos of the minis when Janeen publishes her patterns. We got a call this morning that DH was accepted in toContinue reading “Another Gift Done”

Productive Monday

I didn’t get much sewing done over the weekend, between a 75th birthday party for DH’s ex father in law ( we had the best time and even got to see the American contingent of the family!) and our annual Christmas party at the Slocan Valley Threads Guild monthly meeting. I did get to eatContinue reading “Productive Monday”

I’m Done!

Finished the last of the dump runs yesterday.  The move was completed October 31st, just on time.  I. Wasn’t sure I’d get it done but I did.  From 3500 sq t home with a 30′ X 80′ shop to  500 sq ft apartment!  My studio space is about 6′ X 3′ now!  Oh well it’sContinue reading “I’m Done!”

Happy Happy Day

Seams to be Sewn. Moving day is October 15th for the move to our temporary home.  Happy Birthday to me! I will be getting the keys next week and have already measured and sorted what goes where.  I was a bit concerned that the light might not be adequate but today something wonderful happened!  IContinue reading “Happy Happy Day”

Funny how things change!

Yesterday was DH’s regular weekly doctor’s appointment in Nelson, BC.  Stopped to get the groceries on my list and new SIM cards for our phones.  Then I had to haul butt to the Golf course.  We met Pat and signed a rental agreement.  So it is now decided.  After living in a 3700 square footContinue reading “Funny how things change!”

The Move Is On!

All went well with lawyer today so possession date is Nov.1! DH and I then picked up a very busy 6 year old grandson for dinner and a sleepover.  As I have been packing the Studio and the 2 upstairs bedrooms I have been filling the spare room with boxes and stuff.  So Mikey decidedContinue reading “The Move Is On!”

Another Sewing Adventure

Some days I wonder how I get talked in to things!  I just got home from our local Elementary School where I had a meeting with some teachers, advisors and a good friend who is a grandmother to one of the students.  Turns out I am elected/volunteering to spearhead a group of students making costumesContinue reading “Another Sewing Adventure”