The Next Adventure Begins

Well, we made it to Vancouver today after leaving home yesterday. The trip over the Blueberry Paulson was rough with a lot of snow and very slushy roads. DH took a turn at driving after we got on to clear roads. I took over again at Rock Creek. Just after I started driving the weather turned and we hit fog like I haven’t seen in years! At times I was down to 30 kilometres an hour so I could see. The other drivers were great and had their headlights on as well so there were no oncoming surprises. I stopped in Princeton since it was getting dark and DH was done.

Neither of us slept well. I think it was just the fact we are going to the clinic tomorrow and will have some of the million questions answered and find out if this treatment will help him. The other reason is DH left his sleeping meds at home. My fault I guess! I should have double checked his meds once I got our bags packed.

We made it to Vancouver after stopping in Chilliwack and getting the pharmacy to dispense an emergency supply of meds to last until we get home. After we got checked in to our hotel I went for a swim and then walked on the treadmill for half an hour. I admit to having a twenty minute nap before we showered and went for dinner.

Our evening consisted of watching a football game (I was knitting) and then crawling in to bed to check emails.

I’m sure we will both sleep tonight, but do hope to stay awake long enough to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon tonight. Just a quick update. We got dressed and went outside to see if we could see the moon. The eclipse is more than halfway but no red color yet! I tried to take a picture with my phone but it didn’t turn out. It just looks like a full moon. 🥴

Thanks for checking in and I’ll keep you posted after our big adventure tomorrow. 😴 Carol


This week I have been working on a couple of my Projects on my 2019 To Do List. Due to some upcoming commitments it became urgent to get some finishes done.

The color this month was red and I had already pulled my red scraps and strings to work n Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery QAL so I thought I would combine my To Do List with the RSC color.

I string pieced the back of my pouch, sandwiched it with batting and added my red kerchief fabric for the lining. After constructing my clear pocket by adding 4” binding strips, I put it all together using my wonder clips. Then a binding was put on (2” binding strips) the outside edge of the pouch and a Velcro closure added.

Once it was constructed I tried it out by filling it with the blocks, backing and binding fabric to finish the top for my soon to be born third great grandchild. It fits to perfection!

This bag is approximately 13” square when closed. It will work to organize each of my planned projects. I think these will have to be made in the different colours of the spectrum. I will modify the design a bit by using wider binding strips on the clear window panel and adding a small clear label pouch to the top where the Velcro closure is in order to put a label inside and not have to pin it on.

It was a great week of sewing fun and now I am off to my Guild meeting. Have fun fondling fabric today and enjoy your Sunday. Thank you for stopping by! 😄 Carol

Hope Springs Eternal

I saw that Kim at Persimmon Dreams had a quick Hop going on and decided that I would jump in with a couple of quick projects. I finished up my projects but forgot to account for the different time zones when trying to link up this morning! Good thing I had fun anyhow!

With the move from the house to temporary quarters and another move in March I have limited space and desperately needed to organize myself in order to do some stress free sewing.

DH has to be in Vancouver at the clinic for his initial consultation for the new treatment. That means I needed to get some sewing projects together to take with me. In order to do that I needed to make some project bags.

Off I went! The first bag had to be large enough to carry the fabrics and blocks for a quilt top. In this case I put everything I need to make the quilt for my grandson Ryan’s expected baby. First I string pieced a backing for the bag,sandwiched it with batting and added a kerchief type red print for the lining of my bag. I took my plastic and put wide binding around all 4 sides. Then I assembled it all, added binding to the outside edges and attached my Velcro closure and filled it up with the blocks, fabric and project notes. Once I pinned a note to the front of the bag labelling the contents I was finished the first design for my project bags. I know I need to make more of these!

The second project was made to order to carry my small cutting mat, rotary cutter, templates and the bits of fabrics for my long anticipated Kaleidoscope Quilt which I will be hand piecing. I drafted the pattern first, but kept modifying it as I worked. I guesstimated the size I would need for my outside piece, sandwiched my batting and lining and then started adding pockets. I knew I wanted a zippered pocket to carry my fabric bits and templates so that was the first to be constructed. I added fabric strips to the zipper and attached them to the plastic. Then I added pockets to the other side of the inside piece, making sure to orient them correctly. I wanted the pockets to be right side up when carrying the bag by the handles which were constructed and pinned to the outside next. i added a flap with Velcro to the top of the open pocket. To assemble the bag I put my binding on the whole thing. All in all I am satisfied with the basic construction of this bag. I didn’t take pictures asI worked since I knew this prototype would be modified before I finish the instructions to be able to teach this project in a class at my local Guild eventually. I filled the pockets with my small cutting mat, 6 1/2″ square ruler, template plastic, rotary cutter and fabrics for my hand-piecing project. Next one I make will have 2 zippered pockets and possibly a second layer of compartments to carry my knitting supplies for the endless pairs of socks and sweaters my grandkids and great grandkids need!

My hope is that by being so organized I will be ready to spend the 12 weeks in Vancouver with DH while he has takes part in this revolutionary treatment which has been having some miraculous results for people with Neuroplasticy Disorders. For those of you who don’t know, DH has MS. His disease is progressive and it is heart wrenching to see the slow descent in to disability. I’m so hoping the treatment will have the results we are anticipating. It will empty the bank account and put us in debt for years to come, since it is not covered by our health care. I just keep asking myself if that matters when there is a possibility to have a healthy, functioning partner who could outlive me post treatment?

That’s my definition of Hope……….the possibility of good health and full mobility for this man that’ll overcome so much. Who knows; I might be able to go back to work if I no longer have to be a full time caregiver?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story of Hope. 😄. Carol

2019 Finish Along

My year has begun with another unpack of my boxes and bins from the storage room to do another sort and purge! Since moving out of the house (3600 sq ft) in October and into a temporary apartment (600 sq ft) I have discovered I don’t have enough space to sort my already put together projects. My first order of business for the year has been to rearrange furniture and my sewing space to make room for a shelving unit to get me a bit more organized. The shelf is ugly but it’s what I had in the storage room and this is only until March when we move again!

So now it’s time to get my first quarter list ready to go since I have already used up most of January getting sorted out and finding what I need.

  1. Make Ruby’s birthday sweater.
  2. Make Charlotte’s birthday sweater.
  3. Make a new bag to carry supplies to class or projects while travelling.
  4. Make some more project bags to get me organized.
  5. Write pattern instructions for Guild classes.
  6. Do Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery QAL.
  7. Make a quilt for my 3rd great grandchild with the Frolic Friends fabric collection.
  8. Pack up and move again!
Good Fortune Mystery

I think the goals are fully attainable. We will see?

Frolic Friends Fabric for Ryan’s Baby, my 3 great grandchild.

Linking up with Dizzy Quilts.

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

Is a mystery no longer!

Bonnie released the instructions on putting the quilt together and OMG……’s a beauty!

I have been busy since we got back from our vacation (I will write about that later) getting the last blocks pieced and then starting to put it all together. I had managed to get some of the chevron blocks opposite to what they needed to be so I quickly pieced some more. It didn’t take me too long.

I should have known that it was just too easy!

I was so pleased with it all coming together so well and had it half done when I realized the mistake I made. Can you see it?

So now I am just going to finish this as my version of the Good Fortune lap quilt and restart again with all new fabrics. (I can’t believe it but I ran out of orange strings). Now that I have seen the finished product, I am imagining it in purple, blue and green or some variation there of.

Linking up with Quiltville to give everyone a good chuckle.

I wonder if anyone else got their strings sideways…..

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Good Fortune Part 7

Today was catch up day with Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery QAL. With having been away in America for almost 2 weeks I had gotten behind.

Parts 5, 6 and 7 were on the To Do List for today.

Woo Hoo! I got the piecing done today. Just have to press and trim the blocks tomorrow and then wait for the next clue. This has been a fun adventure so far. I have never done a Mystery QAL before.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you had a chance to fondle fabric or do something you enjoy! 😄 Carol

January One Monthly Goal

So this is the year I am going to work on setting and keeping goals.

For January I am setting 3 goals:

1. Work on getting caught up on the Good Fortune Mystery QAL by Bonnie Hunter. I got behind with taking almost 2 weeks off to go on vacation with DH. Just putting the last border on it!

2. Finish one UFO which is “Homecoming”. I just need to finish the quilting and put on the binding.  This is an error.  Homecoming has been shipped.  This was supposed to be my “Heartwarming Sentiments Quilt” which is pieced and just needs completion.  Homecoming will be updated when I receive the pictures.  No work done on Heartwarming Sentiments since we had take another trip to Vancouver to see about a life altering  treatment for DH.

3. Design and make a new project bag to carry some hand stitching with me while we go to town or on trips to see doctors. Finished a total of 4 bags; Alovely satchel type to carry handwork, and 3 vinyl windowed pouches!  4 more pouches are cut out and ready to be put together.

First pouch already filled with fabric for baby quilt for my third great grandchild.

My bag for handwork complete with several inside pockets, vinyl, fabric, zippered and Velcro tabs.

Inside of handwork project bag

Piecing the outside of the pouches.

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal

Let’s see how I go with keeping to my plans and not getting sidetracked this year!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope your 2019 is starting off right! Carol 😄

Happy New Year

I’m hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, great food, fun times and perhaps even some time to fondle fabric.

Mine was an unusual one this year. We left home on a rainy, slushy morning and headed to Sandpoint to spend some time with DH’s wonderful sister in law for her birthday. It was so good to have some time with her and her husband.

DH then got the brainstorm to head to Reno for Christmas! In case you are wondering, he is a Grinch and does not enjoy the big family gatherings. So off we went. It only took me 2 days to make the drive. I tried to make sure we arrived at a stopping point before dark since our night vision is so bad. I didn’t quite make it some days but it wasn’t so bad. He had fun “working” at the poker table until he lost his bank roll. He has no idea where he lost it. It did make the trip home a bit sparser than we had planned but we made it. While we were away it was like seeing the man I first met. He was up to walking more with me and his sense of humour was prevalent. He overdid it a couple of days but now that we are home he will have some down time to recover. I am thinking this might have been his last road trip because he is going downhill so quickly. We will see how he does after he goes through the new treatment. Our internet access was on and off so I really didn’t keep caught up with emails and blog posts. Time to get up to date now.

Christmas Day I was able to FaceTime with my kids, grandkids and great grandkids so it was almost as good as being there. I did manage to finish Ruby’s sweater and charlottes only needs the sleeves. I didn’t get any time to browse in quilt shops, but we might get away to Alberta or Spokane to replenish my stash after the worst of winter is over. We also are overdue for a trip to Kelowna to the MS Clinic and to see Kenny and Davida and there are a couple of great shops. For now I’m content to be home. Once I recover from this cold I will get busy with my 2019 To Do List. I have some great projects in mind and my UFO List is slowly diminishing! I’m content with my 2018 accomplishments and look forward to the Goals for 2019. Life is good and I did get a bit of a rest at Years end so what more could I ask for?

I just finished talking with my daughter. She is moved again to be with my granddaughter and great grandkids to help them out through my granddaughter’s separation. She and her husband are being good with the kids through it all, but having Nanny there will make it easier for the kids. Stacy has been a constant in their lives and has always been their caregiver when Nicole is at work. Now that Mason is in school full time it makes it easier for Stacy. She is still waiting for her date for her back surgery. I’m thinking I might have to go help out when that happens.

Now I am off to finish the laundry, get caught up with emails and social media, and sort out my sewing space. I left it a bit of a mess when we headed out because I was working on a few things before we left. I am behind on the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt since we were away. I have to do 5 and 6 to be caught up. That’s my first goal for the week. Then I need to make a new pair of slippers and some more project bags. DH always laughs at me because he says it’s a never ending Goal List each week.

So now we are caught up on my misadventures and fun.

Wishing you all a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year,

Carol 😉

2018 Recap and Planning for 2019

As we get closer to the end of the month, I have been looking back at a year of changes, stress, new adventures and so many memories being added to the collection.

We started the year in our lovely 3500 square foot home with the monster 30 x 60 shop and are ending it in a 500 square foot apartment temporarily.  The adventure getting here was a massive purge, sorting and cleaning.  It was full of highs and lows.  Facing the reality that DH does not need/use his construction tools was difficult for both of us to face.   The good thing is we were able to re-home them at his son, Tom’s place (along with the billiard table). Now if DH (or me) ever want to build something we can go to Tom’s place and have bonding time while visiting and constructing

I managed to sort, purge and pack the house without too much trauma.  My Guild did get a few (?) boxes of donations of fabric and other finer related craft items.  It was difficult to let go of some of the treasures, but I had to make a conscious effort to decide if I was ever going to make jewelry, do 56 needlepoint kits,or sew clothes and costumes again.  Once I determined which crafts to limit myself to it was easier to let go.  I kept my quilting supplies, my machines (even the serger), my wool and felting supplies, my paints and my beading/embroidery supplies for embellishing quilted pieces.  The leather, lace, velvets and brocades are packed away to take to a niece who does costuming.  My quilting frame was dismantled and put in storage.  I was in the storage unit and discovered the rails were destroyed by the movers so I am guessing my frame just became a storage shelf.  No point in worrying about it.  It’s not like I will be able to afford to replace it so might as well figure out how to repurpose it.

I have submitted our application for all of the Seniors Housing in our area and all of my Threads friends are keeping an eye out for a little house for us.  The ladies have decreed that we are not allowed to leave the valley.  It is nice to know we are wanted!  I’m hoping something comes up before our March 15 deadline to be out of our cozy little apartment.  Fingers crossed for a 2 bedroom so I can get my studio back along with a spare room!  I have also discovered we need a shower.  DH is no longer able to climb into a tub/shower combo.  I think anything that help him to maintain his independence is a good thing.

The year of the real estate nightmare is coming to an end.  Our lawyer has the signed paperwork from the buyers lawyer in hand.  With any kind of luck, the contract will be correct this time.  I’m so tired of proof reading, correcting and amending the contract it will be good to have it finished.

 It’s just in time, too!  We have 4 doctors appointments on Wednesday for DH.  Then early Thursday morning we are heading to Sandpoint for Liz’s birthday.  If the paperwork is really finalized we will likely head south for our long planned vacation. Fingers crossed because we are long overdue for a holiday!

The year was a family oriented one with several visits to my kids, grandkids and greats?  It is so much fun to see the changes in the kidlets from visit to visit.  I was so excited to hear that great grand#3 will arrive in February.  I’m also expecting to hear “Hi Nana” which is my son’s way of starting the “we’re having another baby” conversation.  

The year has seen DH’s condition deteriorate some.  He is still mobile but the MS shuffle is more pronounced.  The treatment he will be starting in the New Year has had incredible results in both America and Canada for neurological issues and for MS patients.  The PONS machine was developed in the USA with funds being invested by the government since the results are so incredible.  I thought that he would improve after getting off of the pain medication he was on.  I can only hope once the stress of the never ending real estate deal is gone he will get a bit better.  

In the meantime, I am still finishing up some projects and trying not to start anything new until next month.  I have my UFO list up to date.  I have my 2019 To Do List written.  My New Years resolution will be to work on those 2 lists and I am resolved to link up with ELm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal. I have decided that I am not committing to anything else until we get moved.  If something intriguing comes up, of course it will be added to my list.  Otherwise, 2019 will be my year of going with the flow and definitely No Stress Quilting!

Good Fortune Part 4

In between trying to finish up some Christmas gifts I was working on my Part 4 blocks. Strings, string, and more strings… much fun!

On my sewing table you can see the last of my fabric bits to make parts 1 – 4. I’m doing them as leader Enders (with a few extras thrown in) to keep the mystery going.

Linking up with Bonnie Hunter and the Quiltville Mystery Good Fortune QAL.

Happy Monday! Enjoy your day and try to fondle some fabric, or……………


Best of 2018

I was looking for photos for my favourite finishes of the year and discovered that I am so bad at remembering to take pictures.  I’m sure that by the time I finish and need to get things in the mail, I am in too much of a hurry.  At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

The first is Nova Lee’s Quilt.  This sweet baby girl is the second of my great grandkids so I went with a traditional pattern The Road to Oklahoma and treasured fabrics from my stash.

The second is “Homecoming”, my variation of a Lonestar, made for a friend who lost her home in a house fire.  It was made with fabrics from my stash from several designers that I love, sandwhiched with wool roving and beautiful batiks on a pieced backing and quilted on my domestic machine.  My friend will send me pictures when she gets the quilt in her rebuilt, off the grid home since I didn’t get pictures before I sent it off to her.  I needed to get it mailed right away so she would have it when they move in on Christmas Eve.

The third finish was finishing a move and getting my corner of the world set up after a very traumatic move (the paperwork is still being dealt with by the lawyers) after DH accepted an offer for the sale of property and several failed sales.  This finish meansI get to spend time every day with my machines in a tiny space which means I have to be very organized!

The fourth and fifth are photos of some of the mugrugs and organizers I made for Birthday and Christmas gifts.  I didn’t get photos of all 36 mugrugs, just 2 of my favourites.  All of them were made with bits from my “scrap bins”.  I made a total of 6 organizers in the perfect color combinations for the recipients.  I can share photos of one of them since it was a Birthday present and the recipient has already received it.  The others are all in the mail or already under trees.

All in all it was a great year of sewing, quilting and gifting.  Next year I will make sure to take more pictures to document my creative ventures.

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2019 Planning List – 12 or More Things To Do or Learn

My list for 2019 includes 12 or more things I haven’t yet done but want to so here goes;

  1. Make some project pouches to keep myself organized. 1 Bag for handsewing and 4 pouches done!

2.  Start hand pieced Kaleidoscope Quilt. Pattern is done; cutting templates and fabric next.

3.  Replicate a sweet antique quilt that a friend found in Value Village.

4.  Do the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt  Along with Bonnie Hunter. Just need to sandwich and bind now.

5.  Teach myself to knit socks 2 at a time, tie up for thegrands and great grands.

6.  Make a new quilt for Charlotte with blues.

7.  Make. Ruby her first big girl quilt with orange.

8.  Learn to make felted slippers.

9.  Make tee shirt quilt for Shawn

10.  Make tee shirt quilt for Bob.

11.  Make an organizer bag to carry my supplies for classes. Done!

12. Knit a sweater for myself but learn how to add pockets to the pattern.

So that is my list of new things to make or learn once theNew Year begins!

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12 Things in 2019


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Another Gift Done

Had another great day today. Managed to finish one more Christmas present and get bindings done on two mini quilts in between drafting legal documents for the real estate deal.

I will post the photos of the minis when Janeen publishes her patterns.

We got a call this morning that DH was accepted in to a clinical study for a new treatment that has been showing some great results for MS patients. It will mean being in Vancouver for between 5 and 12 weeks. That could be difficult to find temporary housing for that length of time. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime it is so great to have hope again that this might help.

So here is the present I managed to finish for a sweet woman who is still working 60 hours a week at 67 (68 next week). She is DH’s sister in law and one of the happiest women I know. She is always bubbly and positive. She loves anything purple so I made her an organizer to carry her daytime and notebooks in. I will finish filling it with notepads and a couple of more purple pens. The shell button just needs to be sewn on. Hmmmm……..there I go with handsewing to finish! That pile is getting bigger!

So here we are getting ready for another adventure! Fingers crossed we will get this new treatment booked, new housing found soon, as well as something for 2 or 3 months in Vancouver and this real estate deal finished!

I am so looking forward to Christmas and a vacation, but the vacation just might have to wait until spring now!

Enjoy the rest of the week and I will just keep on playing with fabric and yes, even get to my sewing pile.


Productive Monday

I didn’t get much sewing done over the weekend, between a 75th birthday party for DH’s ex father in law ( we had the best time and even got to see the American contingent of the family!) and our annual Christmas party at the Slocan Valley Threads Guild monthly meeting. I did get to eat lots of onions and garlic in all of the amazing dishes and the sweets and salads were incredible! I came home from both events with a full tummy and more happy memories! The Guild meeting inspired me to create even more because of all the beautiful items shared by our members. They are such a diverse group of artists; felters, weavers, basket makers, quilters, spinners, bead workers and so much more!

For DAN, who turned 75, I made a set of mug rugs. Everyone had taken up a collection and bought him a new bike so I just wanted him to have a little something in the house to remind him of the party and all of the friends and family who arrived to celebrate with him.

Monday had me working on a block pattern I am testing for Quilt Art Designs. Her paper piecing patterns are the best to work with! They are concisely written, easy to follow and some of the most fun patterns to work with. I must admit that I have had to redo the block. I had it half done when I got my new machine, so the 1/4″ is slightly different on my new Janome. I think I have it figured out now. The block is finished except for hand sewing the binding. Our power has gone out (someone must have hit a power pole) so it will have to wait until the power comes back on. I had used a green fabric in the block which did absolutely nothing for the finished block, so I played with thread painting to change the green to something that would pop. I’m happy with it. Photos of this will have to wait until the pattern is published. Then I will show a couple of her designs.

I also finished another stack of Part 1 and 2 blocks from the Good Fortune Mystery and started on Block 3. Again the power is out so pictures are not yet available.

Some more work was done on my stacks of Christmas presents. I only have to finish sashing and binding on the quilts and the binding on the placemats. I think I’m detecting a pattern here! Perhaps I need to make some time to sit in my chair with Christmas movies and tea and just get them done!

Ruby’s birthday sweater is finished except for the buttons. Charlotte’s is on the needles as we speak. That pattern is one I can work on by candlelight! Talk about a relaxing evening! Podcasts and audible books, a cup of tea which I had made just before the power went out, and knitting on the go.

We are having our first real snowfall. It started last night and is starting to accumulate. It’s about time since DH was still playing golf on December 7th (unheard of for the Kootenay Region in British Columbia). When we go outside now it is so peaceful and calm. DH was laughing at me because I was humming “It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas” when we went out to make sure the snow hasn’t piled up too much on the satellite dish. The deer were just outside the door by the car and the geese are still here. I even heard a coyote yipping a few minutes ago. Hopefully this snow will see the bears finally going to hibernate. It’s been rough year for them. A momma grizzly (pretty rare around here) was shot after rampaging through one of the small communities here killing all of the chickens. The really sad thing is momma had twin babies who were trapped but the conservation officer. Rumour is they were taken to a wildlife refuge, but some naysayers are saying they were put down. In this part of the country black bear and cougar or lynx are more common. When I lived up north grizzlies and moose were often seen wandering through town.

Tomorrow we are off to town. DH has to see his one of his doctors and then to the hospital for blood work and a scan. His glaucoma is progressing unfortunately. I have an appointment as well to do a meet and greet with a new physician. He has been DH’s doctor for 30 years. My doctor moved to Saskatchewan to it was time to get a new to me one. It’s almost time for a physical and I do have to go for cataract surgery on both eyes. The cataracts formed quickly. 2 years ago I had a minuscule one in one eye. Now I have them in both eyes and it is critical to get them done right away the optometrist says. He explained that I will see the true colours of fabrics and be able to do embroidery again. I just think it will be great to be able to see the fabric I am feeding through the machine when piecing better! We are guessing it will likely be January or February before I can get in. Until then I will just arrange out lives so I don’t have to do any night driving. I discovered the other night that my night vision is way off! I didn’t see some deer until they jumped in front of me and oncoming headlights are really blinding me now. As DH says, getting old is not for the faint of heart. I think we are lucky that this is what life is holding for us now. All things that can be dealt with and nothing too major. DH’s glaucoma is in the early stage so with treatment the doctor thinks he will be okay for many more years.

So I am off to play with wool since I can’t fondle fabric. Hope you are all having a peaceful winter evening. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings!


More Progress

After finishing the first 2 parts for Bonnie Hunter’s new QAL Good Fortune, I thought I would keep going on some projects.

The blocks are finished now for my Christmas Cheer quilt. Now the sashing and borders just need to be put on. I think I will be able to get this finished by the end of the weekend.

I think this will be so pretty and cheerful when it’s done. I had a piece of a panel that I found in a sale bin at one of my LQS. After digging through my scrap bins, I had enough coordinating fabric to make wonky log cabin blocks with the words in the middle. The fabrics are from all of my favourite designers and carry lots of memories of past projects with them. This quilt will be a charity quilt when it’s finished.

After dinner I decided I needed more time with my machine so I finished up the blocks for my other project with Christmas fabrics. Again it started with leftover bits from panels.

After DH went to bed I finished the blocks and squared them up. After digging out my design board from the storage room and sorting my layout I desired that one of the borders will be a pieced one of alternating squares of the leftover fabrics and a few extras from my scrap bin to make the border long enough. I think I have finished piecing the border so will try to get this one done as well this weekend.

I should manage because the only other thing I have going on is our Christmas meeting at our local Guild. A potluck lunch, a presentation from one of our members who is a dyer, spinner, weaver and hooker will be interesting and of course Sharing when our members showcase their latest creations. My quilters have several finished projects to show off and I know that there has been a lot of basketmaking, spinning, knitting, felting and sewing by other members. It will be a fun meeting with only a short business meeting. I’m hoping that someone will bring something to eat with onions and garlic. I only get to eat them when DH is not around due to his severe allergy to the whole onion family.

Have fun with fabric and enjoy your weekend with much laughter and family time.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.


Good Fortune Mystery QAL

How sweet is it when you get to spend the whole day sewing?  Life can’t get better than that!

The day started with chatting with my son in Saudi Arabia.  He was telling my that Flynn, my youngest grandson loves his quilt.  I made it with some beautiful flannels that a good friend, Claire had picked up for me when she was across the line at a sweet little shop, Sweet Creek Creations, in Metaline Falls WA. It was a bear print with claws, blue sky fabric and a lovely paw print.  My son, a Darren calls his sons little bear when he cuddles them as wee babes.  That made it mandatory that Ai would make a Bears Claw pattern for this sweet little boy.  Apparently Flynn makes a nest of his quilts and tucks in with Bear, his cuddly quilt! I looked through my files and realized that I missed taking a picture of this quilt :(.

Red Deer Lifestle Family Photography
This is sweet Flynn with his Daddy, my youngest Darren.

After chatting, it was time to settle in to my corner of the world. Don’t look too close at my disorganized organization!

My day then progressed to finishing my first two sets of blocks for Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery Quilt Along.

I’m linking up to her Linky Party:

It felt so good to get things done!

2019 UFO List

I’ve been doing a bit of sewing and piecing to get used to my new machine.  I’m more and more impressed with it.  In between bits of sewing I have unpacked every box from my sewing room.  Some of them had to be repackaged and put in the storage room due to my space limitations.  I have to say, going from a 12’ x 20’ sewing room to 4 1/2 square feet of space does limit what you can have on hand!  The good news is I found every UFO in my stash including a couple I have clean forgot about! So here’s my list:

  1. Homecoming – My variation of a Lonestar King Size quilt.
  2. Barkerville Chinese LanternsQuilt.
  3. Pattern Test for Quilt Art Designs.
  4. Kaleidoscope Christmas Runner.
  5. Christmas Placemats for Shawn n Tish.
  6. Christmas Placemats for Stacy.
  7. Frolic Friends baby quilt for Ryan’s little one.
  8. Finish knitting Ruby’s birthday sweater.
  9. Finish Charlotte’s birthday sweater.
  10.  Nova-lee’s Birthday present.
  11. Christmas Message Quilt.
  12. Boxes of Strings quilt (Pattern by Eclectic Abuela).
  13. Finish  designing patterns and preparing class materials for 3 SVTG classes.

Linking up with Judy Laquidara 2019 UFO Challenge

2019 UFO Challenge

So thirteen things on my list……..can I clean them up and get it done?

Have a wonderful weekend full of smiles, laughter and time to fondle fabric or wool.

Carol 🙂

Getting Spoiled!

Almost 2 weeks ago when I was sewing my sweet, old Janome made a very loud PING!  She quit sewing and the feed dogs were pulling the fabric all around.  I was heartbroken because she is a workhorse and I depend on her.

We had to go to Trail last week to see an apartment so DH suggested I take Jane to Allan’s Sewing Machine and Repairs to get her fixed.  When we got there Allan let me know he is swamped so I told him to not worry. He could take his time and get to it when he can. Then DH bought me a new Skyline S3!  Allan gave me such a great deal we couldn’t turn it down. I have been looking at the new Janome Memorycraft machines, but have my heart set on a Sweet Sixteen with the Littlefoot frame since I likely will not have space to set up my Grace frame in our next home.  When DH said to just get the Skyline I was thrilled.

When we got home I was too tired to do anything but unload the car so playing with my new toy was going to have to wait until I had time and energy to rearrange furniture and organize a better sewing space to accommodate the larger machine.

It has been too busy with meetings, lawyers and doctor’s appointments to do much each day.  DH went out to play golf the day before yesterday (can you believe he’s still golfing at the end of November?) so I got my butt in gear and finished rearranging furniture so get the Skyline up and running.  I have to say I’m thrilled!  It is a wonderful machine and so easy to use.  I’m not sure I will ever use all of the features but so far, so good.  I’ve been doing some piecing with my cube blocks and then got asked to do some pattern testing for QuiltArt Designs.  I love her paper piecing projects and have done a couple of tests for her.  I can’t show that finished project until it is published.  I just have the binding to do.  Then I am going to redo the block.  I wasn’t absolutely thrilled with it because I am not absolutely sure about the 1/4” seams.  I think my foot is just slightly off so I need to adjust my sewing habits.  I guess that is the joy of new machines; fine tuning your habits and methods!  So today I am reprinting the appropriate pages and then when DH goes golfing I can get busy!

Letters are written to the lawyers regarding the never ending property deal, dinner is in the crock pot, laundry and housework is done, emails are checked and answered.

For my American friends, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of great food, family fun and much laughter!

As for me; it’s time to play and fondle fabric! Have a great week!

Property Update

Well  the lawyers are still dealing with the property sale so we are still here in British Columbia. We did manage the trip to Alberta in order for Shawn and Tish to get away to their concert.  We left here last Friday around 3:00.   DH was having stress once it got dark so I stopped driving in Cranbrook.  We got up early and made it to the farm in Drayton Valley at dinner time.  My son arrived home Saturday night from work around 8:00, just in time to tuck the girls in. We spent Sunday at the farm and planned on heading out Monday morning.  I woke with a migraine, the first in months but managed to drive to Lacombe to my daughters.  The youngest of my great grandkids was there so I managed to see Nova-Leland get some snuggles in between naps.  I also got to see my oldest grandson, Ryan.  Then Greatgrandson, Mason arrived from school and Nicole (my granddaughter) arrived from work.  It was noisy and hectic, to say the least!  We stayed for dinner but DH insisted on heading out.  I was heartbroken at only having such a short visit with my daughter, Stacy and all of her family, but wasn’t surprisedDH wanted to go.  He doesn’t have the same closeness with his children as I do and really doesn’t do well in crowds.  I managed to drive to Red Deer but just couldn’t go further with the migraine still bothering me.  We got up early and I drove straight through.

It was nice to sleep in our own bed and then get up early to be in town for his doctor,s appointment.  Funny thing was, his doctor had moved offices and his appointment had been cancelled.

Life does have a way of laughing at you!

The good news is DH had 2 more days of golf before we woke up to 5 inches of snow on the car.  The snow has almost all melted so he might get to play some more before winter sets in.

Ill keep you posted on the house sale, our possible next move and our plans for a vacation as they firm up.  In the meantime, fabric needs to be played with and quilts need to be made!


Some Sewing Happened!

For the past 2 days I have actually had time to get some sewing done!  I managed to organize my 4 feet of space enough to work on some blocks.  How fun is that!

A while back I found a pattern on a great site, The Eclectic Abuela for her Boxes of Strings pattern. It’s a great way to use scraps and since my space is limited, a nice little project.

Here is the full sized version of the quilt:


I managed to get 29 of the blocks done today.  We’ll see how far I get before our Guild Meeting on Wednesday.  It would be nice to have something to show for the first time in months.

This is the sweet little stack of blocks I managed to finish today!

As usual, nothing goes smoothly these days.  As I was cruising along I heard a loud “Ping” and my Janomes machine stopped sewing.  I pulled it apart (thinking it might need cleaning) but it still won’t work right.  DH was the one who put the Ping and an improperly working machine together.  He then reminded me we have to go to Trail tomorrow so the Janomes can go to the hospital.  He then suggested I should start looking for a new machine and thought Amazon might be a good starting point.  I pulled out my Pfaff and was able to finish sewing the last of my blocks that were started.  I think I will have DH come in to Allan’s with me to look at the machines there.  Then he will have an idea of what I really need!

We are also looking at what could be our next home tomorrow  Trail is a logical place with the hospital right there, my favourite repair and fabric shop and diverse shopping available.  It’s also 2 hours closer to visit DH’s sister in law and her hubby in Sandpoint.  We do enjoy sneaking away for a visit and haven’t managed for almost a year.   So yes, I might be back to packing already for another move.

Have a great evening fondling fabric or just plain relaxing.  A new week of adventures starts tomorrow!



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