I Love Thursday #61

I’m joining a group of friends who get together via a linky party on LeeAnna’s blog Not Afraid of Color to share list of things that bring them joy, inspire them or make them laugh.

This morning I was out and about for my walk bright and early to see this view:

Then we were off to the Community Center to get our booster shots. This time we were given a choice between Pfizer and Moderna. Our doctor had recommended that we get Moderna for this one. She says the most recent information she has found shows that mixing the vaccines does have a higher efficacy especially since we have 5 months between the second shot and the booster. DH has been given the full dose because of his autoimmune issues. Even with my underlying issues I only needed the half dose booster. I am feeling chilled, tired and a bit headachy but I can live with that! It’s a good excuse to cuddle up with a quilt and do some hand sewing. I’m just glad it’s done 😉

I stopped at the Post Office on our way home. It was fun to get another box of goodies from Denise. Everything from unfinished quilt tops to yardage, scraps and bricks to yardage. It’s always a happy time when I get a care package from another quilters purging! Now I just need to get myself back in to the headspace to get some quality machine time in, both with my longarm and my dsm. I do have a few ideas starting to come together so this is a very good thing since inspiration has been in short supply these past couple of months 😉

These last weeks have been crazy emotional times with being in a position to travel to help my friends and still be home to take care of my DH. All of you who have left comments or sent emails and prayers mean the world to us. So far they have drained 5 litres of fluid from K’s chest and run countless tests. We are still waiting for results and next steps.

I can’t believe we haven’t been getting the decorations up at D and K’s place. Normally it’s done by the end of the first weekend in December. We have been happy sitting, talking and watching the Christmas movies that DH dislikes. The bonus is watching closely to see who can be the finstead to spot K’s granddaughter who is often an extra on the older movies and this year has even had a few bit parts. It’s usually easy to spot the cute little redhead in movies and shows filmed in Vancouver, BC 😄

When I opened the mail I received my Christmas card from my Son and DIL which had new photos of my youngest granddaughters

I love the littles in my family but the great granddaughters always make me smile. Clarke turned 2 this week.

My youngest son is home in Mexico after his last stint in Saudi. As usual I’m happy to say he made it home before his wife’s birthday and was greeted by these smiling happy faces:

Thank you for stopping in to read my post. You all are one of the best sources of joy and happiness in my life. I appreciate it when you click on the follow button and enjoy responding to your comments. 😉 Carol


Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

10 thoughts on “I Love Thursday #61

  1. What a beautiful view you had on your walk!!!
    Happy surprises are always fun! Especially quilty ones!

    Pics of the littles and your family are great! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care of yourself & your hubby!!! HUGS!!!

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  2. Glad you have your boosters, both of you, and I hope you are feeling good now. What a fun quilty package to open, too! I’m glad you are finding some little pockets of joy and happiness amid the health concerns of your friends and DH. You are a lovely, caring soul. Be blessed this holiday season!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Wendy. I’m feeling like I got hit by a truck today, but DH’s grandson is here today to keep me busy and occupied. Life does have those pockets of joy, doesn’t it 😉. Happy Holidays to you, Big H and the young(et) ones 🎄

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  3. Hi Carol! How, oh how, can Clarke be TWO already?!! Gosh, it was just yesterday . . . wasn’t it?! So glad to hear you are keeping D & K’s spirits up. I have been adding K to the top of my list. I hope they get some answers for him soon and a course of action. How fun to get a box full of fun fabric surprises, and things that you will be able to finish. The peacefulness of your morning walk shows itself in spades – I can just imagine the serenity and calm of the morning. Sending prayers and thoughts your way. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Hi Roseanne. Isn’t it crazy to think of Clarke being 2 already. I was heading back to D&K’s today but am having an issue with reacting to the booster and we have DH’s grandson for the day. Bonus time since he had no school today 😉 K has an appointment with the lung specialist on Wednesday so we should know more then. Thankyou for your prayers and thoughts. Both are very appreciated by all of us. Hugs 🎄 Carol

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