Thankful Thursday

It seems like forever since I was able to write a post to share with a great group of friends who link up on LeeAnna’s blog Not Afraid of Color.

I am grateful for family and the pleasant surprise of receiving happy mail from a very grown up 10 year old granddaughter.

Our sweet Charlotte is so very poised and mature for being only 10!

I’m grateful for the weather we have been having this year even though the grey skies aren’t very cheery. I’m feeling pretty confidant that our risk of flooding, wildfires and heat domes are minimal this year.

My DH is enjoying getting out to play golf with the new(er) cart I found for him. On Father’s Day his son and grandson popped in for a visit and Michael needed to go play a few holes with his Grampa.

They both have queer senses of humours and are addicted to chocolate! Proof that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree is that Michael also has an onion and garlic allergy and is as picky with food as his Grampa 😉

I’m happy when I have the chance to get to the studio to help my friends and hopefully get to spend some quality time with my longarm and my favourite sewing machine. Just look at the view of the lake I get to enjoy no matter whether the skies are blue or grey;

The Okanagan Valley is so pretty at any time of the year.

I’ve been spending some time again organizing and rearranging my sewing space. I finally figured out that I do that when I am under stress or not quite motivated or inspired to make anything. This week’s project was to go through all of my patterns again to reorganize them and see if anything inspired me.

Now I just need a spot to put these. Maybe a new bookcase or cube shelf might need to be added to my shopping list. 😉

I enjoy living here on the golf course and get out for walks most days. I even live close enough to walk to my Guild if I’m not bringing my sewing machine.

This morning I was greeted by this young squirrel as he went to check out our satellite dish. I also had the pleasure of seeing a young die as she was bedded down about 15 feet from my door. She was gone when I got back with my phone so I missed getting her picture.

I have been trying to ease things up in my life with all that is going on and having so many things that need to get done. I resigned from the Board of Directors of my Guild, resigned as Newsletter Co-ordinator and the Programming Co-ordinator as well. I am continuing to host our two monthly quilting days and teach classes as well. I’m hoping it means I will manage a bit more time with my new toy to get some of my patterns drafted finally.

My little corner of the world!

I have been having fun pulling fabrics and I’ve actually cut the next 3 quilts that I am going to make. There are some blog hops coming up that I will be participating in. The fabrics are kitted up and ready for my attention and I might have started putting some pieces through my machine. 😉

Finally I need to share a quote that I read on line today;

People born in the 50s have lived in 7 decades, 2 centuries and 2 millenniums.

We had the best music, fastest cars, Drive-in theaters, soda fountains and happy days.

And we are not even that old yet, we’re just that cool”

It makes you stop and think how much we have experienced in the years we have lived. I thought that my parents had seen a lot; the invention of the tv, the moon landing and space travel, the Berlin Wall going up and coming down. My lifetime has seen the the invention of tv and the internet, space travel, computers going from rooms filled with machines to a watch on our wrist, and longarm quilting machines becoming affordable and sewing machines being designed so we can quilt on our DSMs. Our parents saw WW1; WW2 and the Korean War. Our lifetime has seen lesser wars, but so much more casualties. Our parents saw the Russian Empire collapse and the USSR come in to existence. We saw the eventual end of the USSR and creation or rather recreation of so many former countries and states. Now we are seeing so much that we took for granted being torn asunder; the war in Ukraine, the American Supreme Court making such life altering decisions, and the worldwide issue of mass shootings. I keep thinking that there has to be change, but can not predict what form these changes will take.

I’ll just do what I can to make my corner of the world a better place, helping where I can and continuing to encourage the need for creativity, while trying to stay positive and calm. I can only wish the same for you.

Thank you for stopping by to read my post. You should head over to Not Afraid of Color to see what gratitude and happy things other bloggers are sharing from their world. 😉 Carol


Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

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