Happy Hallowe’en To All My Friends Out there

I’m not sure what is happening in your part of the world, but here I am not expecting to see anyone other than by video calling.

Before we moved to the golf course we didn’t have any trick or treaters because the property was out of town.

I miss being in the city and seeing the littles all dressed up. Yes, I confess to being one of “those people” who decorated and dressed up. One year I had a live body in a coffin on my porch that would open the coffin lid when kids were standing on the porch. Chainsaws would start up in the garage. Spiders would drop down. I admit it; I was bad. But in my defence I also went crazy at Christmas. (More on that later in the year) 😉

As I sit here writing my post I am thinking that nothing I could ever do would be more intense than real life.

For those of you that do not wish to read my political and medical rant, please do not go any further. Instead just head back to your regularly scheduled Halloween festivities.

Again in Canada we had another multiple murder by a radical religious crazy this week. Why can’t we all learn to be tolerant? Why are other religions “less important” than the ones we personally believe in?

More ethnic troubles are being fuelled by hatred and jealously. Our Nova Scotia fishermen are fighting with the native fishermen over the harvesting of lobster. To date it has resulted in burnt buildings, property damage and the horrific loss of life when a body was found in a burnt building that is a suspect fire since the building was used to store the lobster catch. What have the RCMP done to diffuse the situation?

The Covid numbers are increasing horrendously in America and here in Canada our almost 1000 infections daily just in Quebec is insane. My heart is aching at the thoughts of how many people are being lost to this horrific disease.

The final thing that set me off was reading the comments on a blog, written by a young nurse who has worked in both ICU and Critical Care in America. One blog reader was criticizing the CDC for “waffling (which is only happening because of interference and pressure from the White House) and stated that they would not live in fear. I do realize that is their choice, and voicing their opinion is their right.

I do not understand why wearing a mask is such a hardship to protect your loved ones. I know it’s annoying to have to get used to wearing them until you develop the habit. I know it’s unpleasant to realize how bad your bad breath can be inside that mask. I know it’s sad to not see smiles or even scowling mouths. How does this consideration for the people around you equate to a violation of civil rights? I do realize that for some people, wearing a masks can cause medical distress so fully acknowledge that not everyone can wear a mask. In that case a face shield could be an almost as effective option.

I am a polio survivor with a leaky heart valve. My DH has MS so is immune compromised. We wear masks if we go anywhere and socially distanced ourselves. He does play golf with a small circle of friends. I attend quilting days with a maximum of 6 bodies in our Guild. We have not been exposed to date. We experienced the trauma of hospitalization during Covid when he had surgery and a couple of days after being released had to be returned to the hospital by ambulance. I could NOT be there with him and he was given medication that he is allergic to because I wasn’t there to speak up for him.

My brother has asthma and recently experienced a stroke. My SIL is a cancer survivor. They wear masks and socially distance themselves. On Thanksgiving weekend they travelled to see their daughter, son in law and 2 precious granddaughters for the first time in 7 months. While they were there my niece was contacted because one of her daughters classmates had tested positive. The little one had to be tested but the rest of the family couldn’t be because asymptotic testing is no longer being done in Alberta because they are now testing air travellers which are being allowed in from International destinations. My brother and SIL went home and my SIL developed sinus and headache issues which resulted in her doctor requiring that she be tested. She is negative but now in quarantine because she was possibly exposed. My niece got the results back and her daughter tested negative. Then my niece has had to be quarantined. She is a Health Inspector and had been exposed by a health care worker (who was at work in a seniors care facility while being symptomatic). This is my niece’s second quarantine during this Pandemic.

My daughter has had to be tested twice for Covid. She lives with her daughter and grandkids. My granddaughter refuses to wear a mask and is constantly out and about in restaurants and shopping. Her son has severe asthma and my daughter has health issues which put her in the high risk category. All I can say is “What is wrong with my granddaughter that she can not understand the risk to her mother and her son?”

I apologize for my rant (you noticed I managed to avoid politics? I’m so proud of myself 😊) but I’m just overwhelmed and confused by how such simple things as living in the same world peacefully and with tolerance, wearing a mask and social distancing are so hard to understand?

We all need to realize that with the American elections in just a few days, life can become better or worse, depending on your outlook, for both America and Canada, but one thing will not change; Covid-19 is here and will likely be affecting our lives until the end of 2021 (according to many varied scientists, epidemiologists, and doctors being interviewed on tv, radio and newspapers).

In the meantime we all need to listen to these words with both our ears and our hearts;

Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Calm

Dr. Bonnie Henry, CMO British Columbia, Canada

I appreciate your visits and respond to each comment. Thank you for stopping by. I hope your Halloween brings you reasons to smile and perhaps a few sweet treats. 🎃 Carol


Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

11 thoughts on “Happy Hallowe’en To All My Friends Out there

  1. When I was a kid, one lady in our little town would go all out for Halloween. She was one of the nicest ladies, and she lived in a basement apartment under our post office. One Halloween, she dressed up like a witch, complete with bubbling cauldron brewing an eerie orange glow from her basement window. I was completely terrified – wouldn’t even go to the door. LOL. Sounds like you really enjoyed the Halloweens while you were in the city. We never get trick or treaters here, because we’re far enough out of the city that people don’t stop. Will be interesting to see how/if any is done this year.

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    1. I’m not sure how/if it is being done anywhere. In some places such as where my daughter, granddaughter and great grands live there is trick or treating. Same as where my son, DIL and grands live. It’s crazy! Yes it sounds like I was like your old lady who lived under your post office. I did have a smoking cauldron in my yard one year with dry ice making the smoke Wendy.

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  2. How weird, the comment for this post wouldn’t post either. Need to restart the laptop methinks! HEre’s what I wrote: No worries whatsoever on your rant; it is totally and utterly justified and I stand firm with you. I LOVE Dr. Bonnie Henry. Alberta is badly wanting to be just like our southern neighbour as run by the idiot there, and Ontario’s premier has now also followed suit with only testing symptomatic people, like wtf. I am reading a great book about women’s thoughts and experiences in England during WWII as written in a self-published little magazine they circulated amongst themselves (fantatstic British postal system) and my GOD what they had to do and undergo and put up with and suffer through as per government instructions and some people refuse to wear a flipping piece of cloth across their face? I hope their surgeon and attending nurses all follow suit when these people need an operation… No t or t allowed here, but since when did people follow health or government suggestions implicitly? Sigh.

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    1. Sandra I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. People I love and always respected have been brainwashed by the QANON conspiracy theorists (don’t get me started on those people) while some others believe that wearing a mask 😷 infringes on their civil rights. I just can’t understand how our world has come to this. The UK is thinking of going in to lockdown. Several other countries already have. CANADA is on no fly lists? WTF? We had it right! What happened? 🤯


  3. Hi Carol! I had NO IDEA there was feud going on over lobstering. I am shocked, to be honest. Native fishermen and Nova Scotia fishermen – is there a lobster shortage? Can you not work together for a common goal – all of you making a living catching and selling lobsters? Doesn’t it almost always come down to money? And religion and overall tolerance. Why do anyone care what someone else believes in? Or doesn’t believe in for that matter. Are the beliefs hurting you and impacting what you believe in? NO! Then leave them alone. Same thing with sexual preference – I don’t care, I don’t even need to know. COVID is here no matter who tells you otherwise. It’s not a joke, it’s not a farce, it’s not a way for the government to control you. (The government doesn’t give one iota about you!). All we can do is take care of ourself – and answer for ourself. I always wear a mask – I always social distance – I wash my hands to death and I spray with Lysol that I finally was able to buy – I only go to the grocery store and pickup – not inside. So do my friends and family. I do, unfortunately, have to go to work/school. Kids are staff are present. It stresses me out. I stay at my desk, wear my mask and distance, distance, distance. I do not want the virus. I do not trust the vaccine yet – it needs to have LONG term testing which cannot be hurried. {{Hugs}} Carol. I want to shake your granddaughter for you! Perhaps you can ask her how she will feel when she infects her mother and/or son? How will she feel when they die? or have long-term effects that are unknown at this point? Maybe that will wake her up. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Roseanne it is a crazy world we live in! Yes the fishermen are feeding. I’m so happy to provide you a safe place to vent! I would love to give my granddaughter a shake, but am too nervous to drive the 12 hours to be near her to do it. 😢. I can only hope and pray my daughter and Great Grand will stay safe and healthy. If I could I would go and get them and bring them here but again the travel to Alberta 🥴. Be safe at work. I’m admit that I am so concerned about my Blogland friends in America. The news terrifies me.

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  4. Carol, so lovely to meet you on Instagram and see you are following me. Ditto me to you. Your post, so justified, here in New Zealand we have been so spared from the massive numbers pf Covid 19 cases and huge death tolls. Our total lockdown was short but it worked, and now everyone coming in has to isolate for 14 days, and on day 3 if found to be infected, go into a separate quarantine facility. Wearing a mask, why not, stay safe, protect yourself and your family, at 80 I am not too proud to wear one. I see the thousands at the rallies this week and am horrified and appalled at their folly.i hope you can not get too worked up about your granddaughter, maybe reality and a sense of what is right will happen soon.Meantime, I see we share some mutual blog friends. The way we can share, and care is always a huge bonus in these times. XXX from Jean way down south in NZ.

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    1. Hi Jean. I also follow your blog and admire your charity work for the fire victims. Another bond our countries share. It is strange how one country can “get it” and do it and others don’t. I have a theory which I don’t discuss as to why the stupidity and craziness is so rampant in Canada, but not as bad as America. As quilters we do have the comfort of creating, sharing and doing some charity work to help others. I think that is what is keeping us relatively sane. Stay safe and well Jean. 😁


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