Weekly Goals

I’m trying to break down my monthly goals to weekly ones to allot time for the bigger projects and still have time for any projects that pop up.

My first project is to work on Mosaic Mystery. It’s been hanging around and getting pushed back on the list by other projects. I need to get her done!

My next project is some secret pattern testing I am doing which has a deadline.

I am going to try quilting the Star Crossed Plaid test quilt that I made with my great granddaughter, Clarke in mind. She is four weeks now so it’s high time I got it finished for her. I have been playing with FMQ and some ruler work on some practise quilt blocks so I think I might be ready to tackle this one.

Star Crossed Plaid

Each week or two I am going to try finishing a quilt from that To Be Quilted pile!

Lofty goals? I don’t think it’s too much, but we will see what I accomplish since my cold symptoms seem to be subsiding!

What are you working on this week? Do you set weekly goals for yourself? Do you write them on that whiteboard that just has a smiley face (guilty me 😊) on it? I wrote out my list and even added notes on the calendar portion for the blogs I would like to remember to link to! Will this organized me be able to continue for the whole year? I’m even keeping track of my blocks and writing the totals in my daytimer. 🤔

Have fun with your fabric today and good luck with your goals for the week or month!

🧵 Carol

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Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Goals

  1. Hi Carol! Four weeks old already?! Wow, that time just breezes by, doesn’t it. I do set weekly goals and even have a linky party supporting my habit. I also set monthly and have in the past quarterly goals as well. The first quarter deadline is Sunday to post on Instagram, and I have to get my list together. It sure does motivate me, plus to actually think about what I could reasonably complete. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Hi Roseanne. Sure sounds like getting organized and having weekly monthly quarterly and yearly goals is the way to go. It’s sure helping me keep up with my projects. It is hard to believe Clarke is over 4 weeks now. She is such a cutie. Now to organize the list of Linky parties and finish organizing the stash and find out how much fabric I have here 😊 Carol

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  2. I am trying to finish my projects (as much as possible without my longarm) as I make them. I’m enjoying playing with a few blog hops and Kim of Persimmon Quilts’ bi-monthly challenge to motivate me. I’m also trying to make things other than quilts! It’s been a long time since I did any other kinds of creating!

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  3. I like the colors on your secret project. I look forward to seeing what the secret is! I hope you’re able to continue making progress on your other two projects, too.

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