It was a Squirrel Party this Month!

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I really haven’t been planning much in my sewing space other than some hand stitching. For reasons I won’t go into, my motivation and inspiration is still at an all time low. The this happened:

I was lucky and had an email from Sandra regarding her new pattern and was visited by a good friend that urgently needed a gift for his wife’s birthday.

That meant I needed to drop everything and make not one, but two projects in about 10 days! 😄

First up, find the flimsy my friend picked from my photos. He did know what he wanted so I just needed to pull the quilt top from my bins:

My stash of unquilted tops, bundled with backing and binding. 😊

Here it is:

It’s going to need some modification since it is only a lap quilt and he needs a queen size 😳

I had some drawing, doodling and designing to do to figure out how to convert this to the larger size. I made some different blocks to try for borders but nothing worked. Then Samantha whispered in my ear and a plan was formed.

Back to my stash I went to pull the needed fabrics and while I was there I pulled some special pieces to use for Sandra’s pattern which had become a DrEAMi by Sandra needing it quickly and my granddaughter needed it for her friend who is decorating a nursery for her first baby.

It was time for me to head to the studio. K and D have additional issues as well as his Mesothelioma and her heart, so it was time to do a house clean and meal prep trip for my friends.

Luckily I have my favourite sewing machine at the studio (it and the table are too large for my sewing corner at home😢), so I was able to get the borders made as well as the blocks for Sandra’s quilt in between the chores I had set myself to help my friends.

Borders were added to the log cabin quilt top and I put it on the longarm. Then I realized my backing wasn’t the right size so I had to consult with my friend. He had seen this piece of fabric in my stash and asked if I could incorporate it in to the quilt:

The quilt recipient is an amazing artist and very in touch with the native side of both her and her husband’s heritage. While I was working on this she was at a 4 day fast in the back country. 🤔

The backing was made with this fabric in the middle, then piano key strips on each side of it and then strips of the pink/orange/ yellow border fabric from the front on the edges. I had originally planned on using that fabric from the front border as the backing and binding. With adding another foot on each side of the quilt top, it wouldn’t be the large enough. I was content because it meant I could embroider my label information on the piano key strips on the back and not need to add a separate label.

After putting the backing on the frame, I loaded my batting and topped the batting with a layer of wool batting. This quilt needed to be warm for the upcoming fall and winter when we often have 12-14 hour power outages. 🤔

Meanwhile the blocks were finished for the other quilt top.

It’s so good to have both the longarm and my Janome at the studio. It means I can alternate between the quilting on the longarm (standing) and piecing on the Janome so I get a chance to sit for a bit.

Finally my quilt was done on the longarm:

I kept the quilting simple, SID to stabilize it and a variety of wishbones, straight lines, free form curling meanders, and some additional ruler work.

Time to square it up and get it ready for binding.

Then the baby quilt was ready to be loaded on the frame. I had the perfect backing:

Disaster struck and my Avante started doing weird stitching and making horrible sounds. I took it apart, and cleaned it again (I had after finishing my other quilt). I added a new needle again thinking the one I had just put in might be a dud or have a burr on it. I rethreaded it and put in a different newly filled bobbin. Still got the noise. Called my tech and he said it needed to come in to the spa.

So my second DrEAMi still sits as a flimsy and is incomplete. I love it though and can’t wait to finish it.

After everything was done I could do at the studio I headed back home. I finished embroidering my label info on the piano key strip on the back, and hand sewing the binding on the back just a few minutes before my friend came to pick it up. I didn’t get pictures of the finished quilt or backing before it was picked up. I did however get emailed a photo of the quilt in its new home:

The strange lighting is because there are skylights above the bed. I know because this bedroom is in the property we sold. 😉

So for June I had two quilts to get done which were not planned and I also had a DrEAMi hit me when I was at the Guild. I put a rag rug on one of the looms at the Guild. I’ve never woven anything before but it just seemed like I HAD to just Do It! I’ll get a photo when I’m at the Guild next and finish it.

June was a Drop Everything and Make it kind of month and I am grateful to have had these projects keep me busy.

I’m heading over to Sandra’s site to link up on her DrEAMi 64 post and see what everyone else has been doing.


Published by Carol Andrews

I have been fondling fabric and creating things with fabric and fiber for as long as I can remember. My children had homemade clothes, blankets, canning and quilts most of their lives. Now I create goodies to share! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them! When I am not creating with fiber or fabric I keep busy with Dear Heart, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

14 thoughts on “It was a Squirrel Party this Month!

  1. DrEAMi projects are just so good for our souls, especially when said souls have been pretty crushed. I am so glad that you had time to make the flimsy for the pattern release Carol! I’m glad too, that you had such a creative and beautiful place to make that gorgeous log cabin quilt into a queen. The quilting is just spectacular on it, and you know how I love the colours you used in A Roll of the Dice! Yay for listening to Samantha. She knows best. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your squirrel memes have me giggling. You finished the log cabin so nicely, and I’m sure it will be well loved and enjoyed. I’m sorry to hear that your machine needs to go to the spa; never fun to have those on-a-roll days hit a bump in the road. PopStar sure is lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I could make you giggle Wendy. I actually picked my longarm up and have to head to the studio tomorrow. In between the helpful things that need to be done I might even get some time to play 😉


  3. So glad you found your mojo again and what pretty projects came from it! I hope your longarm comes home quickly. I look forward to seeing your rag rug.
    That photo of your Janome makes me lonesome for mine that I sold a few months ago. I like my Necchi, but I have to admit that Janome will always be my favorite.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Carol! I cannot believe you had BOTH projects completed in 10 days. You always amaze me with your projects but this takes the cake. Fabulous job – what a good friend you are for both projects. And, I love how you always welcome pattern testing. {{Hugs}} a bunch!! ~smile~ Roseanne

    Liked by 1 person

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